Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says he can not accept as true with American citizens, calls sanctions “tyrannical” – 60 Mins

America first positioned monetary sanctions on Iran again in 1979, throughout the hostage disaster. For just about 4 many years the U.S. State Division has designated Iran one of the crucial international’s main state sponsors of terrorism.

However the Obama management, along side 5 different international locations, agreed to billions of greenbacks in sanctions aid in change for Iran’s settlement to dismantle a lot of its nuclear program and open its amenities to in depth global inspection.

The Trump management, distrusting Tehran, pulled out of the deal and stepped up crushing financial drive.

That is the place Ebrahim Raisi discovered himself when he used to be elected president a yr in the past. Remaining month, Iran and the 61-year-old hardliner had been at the verge of placing a brand new deal, however then Iran submitted calls for that despatched the nuclear talks right into a stalemate.

We met President Raisi Tuesday on the presidential compound in Tehran for his first interview with a western reporter. I used to be instructed learn how to get dressed, now not to take a seat ahead of he did, and to not interrupt him. We got one hour for the interview.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi meets 60 Mins correspondent Lesley Stahl

Lesley Stahl: Are we able to get started with the negotiations at the nuclear deal. Do you wish to have to- have that deal renewed? As a result of you understand, there are some American officers who’re starting to assume that you do not.

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): If it is a excellent deal and truthful deal, we might be excited about achieving an settlement. It must be lasting. There must be promises. If there have been a ensure, then the American citizens may now not withdraw from the deal.

Lesley Stahl: However you’ll be able to pull out of the deal I imply, simply in addition to shall we pull out of the deal.

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): You spot, the American citizens broke their guarantees. They did it unilaterally. They mentioned that, “I’m out of the deal.” Now making guarantees is turning into meaningless.

Lesley Stahl: Are you announcing that you can’t accept as true with the American citizens?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): We can not accept as true with the American citizens as a result of the habits that we’ve got already noticed from them. Because of this if there’s no ensure, there’s no accept as true with.  

The U.S. Says the West cannot accept as true with Iran. For example, when it claims its nuclear program is solely for non violent functions.     

Lesley Stahl: So far as we will inform you do not use it for, ya know, issues that may assist your voters, like electrical energy. You assert you wish to have it for non violent causes. Like what?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): Like in drugs, agriculture, oil, fuel.  

With regards to “non violent functions,” one to be had determine – from the U.N. nuclear watchdog company, the IAEA – is that just one.8% of the rustic’s electrical energy is generated via nuclear energy.

Lesley Stahl: There appears to be some proof that you simply were running, no less than ahead of, towards a bomb, a bomb, a weapon, and that you simply could be doing that once more.

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): We’ve spoke back to those claims a number of instances. They’re baseless. The Islamic Republic of Iran has mentioned repeatedly that possessing nuclear guns has no position in our doctrine.  

Alternatively, the U.S. intelligence neighborhood has assessed “with top self assurance” that Iran did try to increase a nuclear bomb prior to now. 


After which there are the Americans being detained in Tehran, 3 of whom had been born in Iran.

Lesley Stahl: If there’s a deal– would you comply with unlock the 4 American citizens who’re being held right here? May that be a part of it?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): There are Iranian nationals additionally imprisoned within the U.S. Those individuals are most effective in there as a result of they just attempted to bypass sanctions. And the American citizens, now we have instructed them that we will communicate to them about this. It may be performed one after the other from the nuclear talks. It may be completed between the 2 international locations. This is a humanitarian factor. This will also be negotiated.

Lesley Stahl: You are off to New York. You will talk on the United International locations. You recognize, President Biden is gonna be there. Are you open to a gathering with President Biden? A face-to-face?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): No. I don’t believe that this kind of assembly would occur. I do not imagine having a gathering or a chat with him can be recommended.

Lesley Stahl: What do you assume the adaptation is, out of your viewpoint, between the Trump management and the Biden management?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): The brand new management within the U.S., they declare that they’re other from the Trump management. They have got mentioned it of their messages to us. However we’ve not witnessed any adjustments actually.

His main criticism againist President Biden is that he has maintained the sanctions on Iran that President Trump imposed.

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): The sanctions are very tyrannical. This can be a tyranny in opposition to the folks of Iran. You will need to us to have the sanctions lifted.

The sanctions thrust Iran right into a two-year recession, basically as a result of oil exports from refineries like this one, fell in a single day from 2.8 million barrels an afternoon to about 200,000. Companies were bring to an end from global banking. With inflation as of late in Iran at over 40%, just about the whole thing is dearer.

A boy in one in all Tehran’s bazaars talks with correspondent Lesley Stahl

And but, we discovered visitors right here as clogged as in New York. And as we noticed, Tehran’s bazaars are teeming with customers. Those we met had been pleasant to us.

Boy: How are you?

Lesley Stahl: Oh, i am excellent. How are you?

Boy: Incredible. And also you?

Lesley Stahl: Just right. Do you find out about English in class?

Boy: No!

One explanation why for the bustling trade is one thing the president calls the “resistance economic system” by which companies are inspired to make extra of the issues themselves that they used to import: so, hand-crafted blue denims.

Lesley Stahl: Are you aware the place those are made? 

Service provider: In Iran.

Lesley Stahl: In Iran?

Service provider: In our nation. 

Additionally made in Iran: washing machines, fridges, TVs. Additionally they have their very own verison of Uber Eats referred to as Snapp! Meals.

Iran is house to one of the crucial international’s oldest civilizations, relationship again to 4000 B.C. It is the place the rules of algebra and chemistry had been evolved.

Nowadays, whilst there may be consideration to non secular custom within the Islamic Republic, it is one of the westernized international locations within the Center East, with a well-educated inhabitants.

A mall in Iran

This mall might be any place in The united states, with an ice-skating rink, a meals court docket with sizzling canine and burgers, and the least anticipated – attractive window shows. And but President Raisi simply signed a decree making girls who do not get dressed modestly topic to arrest. 

A tender lady died Friday after the morality police took her into custody for violating the principles on head coverings. Eyewitnesses say they noticed her being overwhelmed whilst in a police van. President Raisi’s administrative center says he ordered an investigation.  

Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi descends from the Prophet Muhammad, as his black turban indicates, in step with Shiite Muslim custom. He is a hard-line, conservative cleric like his mentor, the Very best Chief Ayatollah Khamenei.

Lesley Stahl: I need to ask you about your individual document. There’s a private sanction in opposition to you. You took phase in a fee that used to be accountable for executing as much as 5,000 political dissidents. They had been hanged or shot via firing squad. I need to ask for those who remorseful about that motion.

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): What sort of evidence are you able to be offering for this? Those are simply allegations and claims made via individuals of a terrorist team.

Lesley Stahl: You are announcing that that used to be now not true? And that the–

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): Any one who commits against the law in Iran stands trial in reputable courts of legislation they usually obtain punishments for what they did. They had been assassinating other folks. And what came about to them used to be precisely proportionate to what they did.

However the U.S. Treasury Division sanctioned Raisi individually for human rights violations over this and Amnesty World referred to as it against the law in opposition to humanity.

The president used to be feisty with us, sprinkling his solutions with a predictable antipathy towards Israel and Jewish other folks. 

The ultimate chief, Ayatollah Khamenei, used to be scathing when he tweeted at the similar topic in English in 2018:

“Israel is a malignant, cancerous tumor… that must be got rid of and eliminated.”

Lesley Stahl: Do you imagine the Holocaust came about? That 6 million Jews had been slaughtered?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): Glance… Historic occasions will have to be investigated via researchers and historians. There are some indicators that it came about. If that is so, they will have to permit it to be investigated and researched.

Lesley Stahl: So you might be now not certain, I am getting that you are not certain. What about Israel’s proper to exist?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): You spot, the folks of Palestine are the truth. That is the best of the folks of Palestine who had been compelled to depart their homes and motherland. The American citizens are supporting this false regime there to take root and to be established there. 

Lesley Stahl: You recognize that Morocco, Bahrain, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates have all known Israel– and feature members of the family with Israel. And it’s mentioned that Saudi Arabia may be speaking immediately with Israel. And I’m wondering if you wish to touch upon that.

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): If a state shakes fingers with the Zionist regime, then they’re additionally an companion to their crimes. And they’re stabbing the very thought of Palestine within the again.


Lesley Stahl: You have got vowed revenge at the U.S. govt for the killing of your Common Soleimani.

Greater than two years in the past, the U.S. killed Common Qassem Soleimani in a drone strike. A respected army hero in Iran, he masterminded fatal assaults on American forces during the area for years. The ultimate chief has referred to as for retaliation.

Lesley Stahl: Are you desiring to retaliate via assassinating officers from the Trump management?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): What the then American govt did, via the direct order of Trump himself, to assassinate Mr. Qassem Soleimani, this used to be a heinous crime. We wish justice to be served. We aren’t going to disregard about this.

Lesley Stahl: I am questioning what you imply via “justice.” Does it imply an eye fixed for an eye fixed? There used to be this assassination, now we are gonna have you understand, a solution assassination?

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): That is the kind of the movements that the American citizens and Zionist regimes are doing on this planet, we aren’t going to hold out the similar movements.  

And but, the U.S. Division of Justice has charged a member of Iran’s Progressive Guard with simply that, plotting to assassinate John Bolton, President Trump’s former nationwide safety adviser.  

As he prepares for his commute to the U.N., President Raisi is defiant. His message: no concessions within the nuclear deal, Iran is not going to backpedal and it may possibly continue to exist the sanctions, which he says may effectively backfire in opposition to the U.S..

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): Sure, they may be able to create restrictions and issues for us and difficulties. However there may be numerous international locations which are being sanctioned. Via doing this, they’re bringing them nearer in combination, making them extra united. And this may increasingly render American sanctions useless.

Lesley Stahl: Proper, Chinese language, Russians, Iranians getting nearer.

President Ebrahim Raisi (translation): This method may not paintings.

As we ended what appeared to be a cordial conversataion, we had been shocked when a member of Raisi’s workforce reached up and blocked one in all our cameramen from capturing our goodbyes.

Any other one in all our cameramen’s telephone used to be confiscated and held via President Raisi’s safety staff for 2 and a part hours.

Produced via Richard Bonin. Affiliate manufacturer, Mirella Brussani and Collette Richards. Box manufacturer, Seyed Rahim Bathaei. Broadcast buddies, Eliza Costas and Wren Woodson. Edited via Peter M. Berman.

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