Why Do They Come Out And What Do The White Spots On The Nails Mean?

White spots on the nails are not usually indicative of a serious health problem, but if their presence is constant, it is advisable to consult a specialist to rule out complications

Suddenly appearing white spots on the nails are a medical condition known as leukonychia punctata.

Although they do not directly affect health, those who suffer from them consider that they are an aesthetic problem that requires a solution.

For years some urban legends prevailed that tried to explain it:

The grandmothers related it to the lack of calcium and many fantasists assured that they appeared every time lies were told.

Although in reality  its usual causes are trauma, fungi and inflammatory processes that cause abnormalities in the keratinization process.

In fact, in small cases they are an early manifestation of systematic diseases that prevent their proper nutrition.

It is good to know why they appear and in which cases they should be given importance.

Why do white spots appear on the nails?

woman biting her nails

Leukonychia is the result of the keratin arrangement due to small ruptures at the base of the nail that favor the formation of air pockets.

This process can occur as a result of injuries to the cuticles, whether due to a blow, a scratch or a poorly performed manicure.

Some common causes can be:

  • Those people who do crafts or who are used to it.
  • Tap on the table.
  • Handling cleaning chemicals without protection.
  • Direct contact with hot water.
  • Use them as a lever to uncover jars.

Since the nail grows one millimeter every ten days, most spots are usually noticeable about two to three months after the trauma.

Only in a small number of cases can the spots warn of disorders such as anemia, diabetes or kidney disease.

Can they be caused by manicures?


The excessive practice of manicure is related to alterations in the nail, factors such as these can compromise the state of the cuticles:

  • Not performing the procedures correctly or doing it excessively.
  • Some of the chemicals in nail polish remover also directly damage the protective layers of the nail.
  • The enamels of poor quality, pearlescent or manufactured industrial pigments can cause breaks in the nails, weakness and worse alterations stains.
  • Those who suffer from onychophagia (nail biting) have continuous lesions and it is difficult to remove the white marks.

Do you have a treatment or solution?

Unfortunately, leukonychia has no immediate solution and only disappears as the nail grows.

As the “clouds” are unsightly, in an emergency they can be covered with several layers of colored enamel.

However, it is best to keep the nails natural so that they are adequately oxygenated and do not present more difficulties.

Care is the main key

nail care

To maintain strong, healthy nails and free of imperfections, the ideal thing is to maintain proper hygiene and hydration in the area:

  • Its daily cleaning and the application of creams for the cuticles help to protect them against the aggressions of the environment.
  • The use of aggressive brushes, soaps and files should be completely avoided.
  • To strengthen them, it is convenient to use a protective balm before proceeding to apply the enamel.
  • The cuticle should not be cut or pressed  (when folded with the orange stick during manicure).
  • Avoid bumps and rubbing with hard objects, as these cause microtrauma.

    Are your nails still altered? Do they present marks other than the white spots? See your doctor immediately to professionally evaluate the problem.

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