When You Least Expect It, Everything Works Out

And when you least expect it, everything turns out fine. Is it a cliché? Is it perhaps an expression taken from any self-help manual to awaken the spirit without much pretense or certainty?

Absolutely. Thinking that things can go well is, in reality, an idea and a need that we must install in our minds every morning, in the same way that we drink coffee or use that vitamin with which we feel better.

It is more than being positive. It is a way of life in which we allow ourselves the opportunity to get what we deserve. To open the door to those hopes that are not just smoke, but tangible things that happen from time to time, and not just by chance. Also because you have made an effort to make things go well. In that the good in life also comes to you, because you really deserve it.

Your thinking is a way to change your reality


The following must have happened to you too: you have a friend who turns to you every day to explain how bad things are for her. And, while it is true that he has had the bad luck that certain events have happened to him, you also realize that his attitude is not appropriate.

They are people who increase their dramas in an unhelpful way. We have all experienced losses, we all know what frustration is, being abandoned or betrayed, and yet it is not something we like to relive every day.

  • The dramas of life must be assumed, understood, accepted, and then overcome.
  • Focusing our emotions and thoughts exclusively on these negative events is like going into a tunnel. We cannot see anything that is not around us and surely what comes before us if we continue with this attitude will not be the end of the tunnel itself, but the light of a train. Do not let that happen.
  • Whoever accepts, assumes and lets go, releases burdens and advances more freely. A more open mind accumulates less negativity, is more receptive and sensitive to the positive aspects on a day-to-day basis.

    A flexible, open and positive thinking that is not victimized by your failures or losses is a reflection of a mind capable of creating its own reality. When you least expect it, everything turns out well because you allow it that way, because you are the architect of your day-to-day life and you don’t put walls on your personal growth.

    When you least expect it, everything works out: the ability to accept the unexpected

    Sometimes we have a hard time letting ourselves go. Assuming and accepting that unforeseen things can happen means, in turn, accepting that many of the things that surround us are beyond our control.

    We cannot control or dominate other people so that they never hurt us, never let us down. Sometimes a disappointment also means realizing that this person did not deserve our appreciation or our trust.

    • Another mistake we sometimes make is in practicing the so-called “extreme positivism.” There are those who have too high expectations, or who focus their future on the idea that they will have absolute success. This is not suitable.
    • It is about “letting ourselves go” with our feet on the ground and open hope, but always being very aware of our capacities and limitations. Realism must be practiced with an open mind, wherever we allow ourselves the arrival of the unforeseen.
    • Sometimes things go wrong and it is inevitable, but failure does not determine the future or determine yourself. You are not your mistakes. You are someone who must learn and improve every day, with courage and enthusiasm.

    Accepting the unforeseen is trusting

    Accepting the unforeseen is trusting, trusting that good things can come and that we are worthy of every positive aspect that life brings us.

    Sometimes everything goes well without us knowing very well why, but if we analyze it a little, we will realize that it is we who have caused it.

    • Good things happen, sometimes, by making small changes to our routine. What’s more, it all depends on our own situation: it is possible that, in your case, what you need is “a major change”.

    New situations, new opportunities

    Everything works out if you let it yourself. Whoever tells himself that good only happens to others builds constant walls to his own personal growth and to his own happiness. Not worth it.

    It does not matter your age, or your situation, much less what happened in the past. New opportunities do not know about youth or maturity, nor about money. Second chances feed only on your illusion and your determination as a person.

    Because when you least expect it … Everything works out!

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