What Is More Beneficial, The White Or The Yolk Of The Egg?

Are you passionate about eggs? So, on more than one occasion you may have wondered which is more beneficial, if the white or the yolk of the egg.

Experts tell us that, in general, consuming the whole egg is very healthy. However, each part of it has specific components, as this study points out, which we invite you to discover.

Eggs are an essential part of our diet, a high source of nutrients that are worth including in our dishes.

You don’t need to worry about the false myth of its high cholesterol level. Unsaturated fatty acids predominate in them, ideal for taking care of our cardiovascular system.

Benefits of egg white

Egg white

What do you like more, the white or the yolk of the egg? There are many people who come to separate one part from the other thinking that this way they take better care of their cholesterol.

The white is thought to be the healthiest thing in the egg. Let’s see, then, what are all its benefits:

  • The egg whites have no fat at all. They have very few calories, which makes them a very healthy food. The greatest risk appears when we consume, for example, a fried egg, since the oil includes that fat that is so dangerous for our health.
  • They are rich in B complex vitamins.
  • Whites have fewer calories than yolks.
  • They are usually very suitable for losing weight. Many people consume them alone in their breakfasts because they have the virtue of providing proteins, vitamins and, in addition, they are satiating. We do not recommend at all to consume “only” egg white in your breakfasts. It is better if you combine them with other foods. A bowl of oatmeal, a fruit smoothie …
  • Egg whites are used for many beauty remedies : they act as excellent skin firmers, softeners and also treat any type of irritation.
  • Egg whites also have a type of peptide that allows us to reduce blood pressure.

Benefits of egg yolks

Although we still have doubts about whether egg white or yolk is better, now that we know a little more about the benefits of egg whites, let’s see what the yolks can do for us.

Egg hair

  • The yolk of the egg has more protein than the white.
  • The yolk is rich in fat. Its content is about 4 grams of fat per egg, of which only 1.5 are saturated. That is, negative fats. The rest are unsaturated fats and very beneficial for the body. Its cholesterol level is very low and therefore harmless for healthy people. If you tend to have high cholesterol, you can restrict its consumption a little, but not eliminate it, since its protein index is very beneficial.
  • Egg yolk is a powerful source of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. As for vitamins, you will find the following: vitamin A, E, D, B9 (folic acid), B12, B6, B2 and B1. Nor should it be forgotten that it is one of the few foods rich in vitamin D.
  • Another fact about the yolk of the egg that we should not ignore: it has a substance called choline. Do you know what it is beneficial for? For brain health, for our memory and to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementias. Fabulous, without a doubt.
  • The yolk of the egg is very rich in lecithin. What this element does is bind to cholesterol to prevent it from being completely absorbed by our body. Lecithin is an essential part to nourish and take care of our bone marrow, brain, liver, heart and nervous system. It takes care of our heart health and, in addition, it allows us to improve memory and concentration.
  • There are many people who usually consume the raw egg yolk, or combined with shakes, to obtain all their proteins. It’s a mistake. Consuming the yolks raw can cause us to suffer from diseases such as salmonellosis. You should know that it will always be better to consume the cooked yolks, since the properties will remain the same and we will avoid any problems.

    To conclude, what is more beneficial, the white or the yolk of the egg? Both parts are healthy. The white is free of fat and the yolk, for its part, although it has a small level of saturated fat, is very rich in protein.

    Our recommendation is that you eat whole eggs. Together with a varied and balanced diet you will enjoy good health. The egg white or yolk are both beneficial.

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