The Risks Of Eating A Diet That Is Not According To Your Body

When it comes to dieting, it is very important to consider several factors: age, weight, health status and lifestyle in general are decisive when designing an eating plan for each person. You cannot eat a diet that is not suitable for your body, as it will harm you health.

What are the consequences of choosing an inappropriate diet? Taking into account that there are many people exposed, below we have compiled the dangers that this bad habit can bring.

Today there are too many different diets

Due to the large number of diets that exist today, many overlook these aspects and undergo regimens that are not always the most appropriate or recommended. Although they allow you to lose weight, their adoption can involve several risks.

It is essential to understand that each organism works differently and, therefore, diet is not the same for everyone. While some have no problem with certain diets, others may experience negative reactions.

The risks of eating a diet that is not suitable for your body

The fact of carrying out an inappropriate diet can generate a series of side effects. They are as follows.

Rebound effect

The rebound effect is also known as “yo-yo”. It is one of the risks to which those who choose any diet without first evaluating their health and living conditions are exposed.

Rebound effect.

This situation is described as a “vicious cycle”. The person manages to lose a considerable amount of weight, and then regain it or gain a little more by returning to their normal dietary habits. It occurs more frequently among those who are subjected to low-calorie and restrictive diets, such as those that promise to lose several kilos in just a few days.

Loss of muscle mass

One of the keys to losing weight on a diet is to decrease your daily total calorie intake. So far so good. The problem begins to occur with diets that are too restrictive, which reduce calories to dangerous levels.

Eating a diet that is not suitable for your body will make you lose weight but also lose muscle mass, something negative. Keep in mind that meal plans that restrict nutritional groups or that are based only on certain foods affect metabolism and the processes that give the body energy.

Thus, when glycogen, lipid or protein reserves are depleted, a deceptive weight loss occurs, since muscle mass also deteriorates. Therefore, it is not a healthy process. Keep in mind that ensuring protein needs are met is essential to ensuring lean mass health, according to a study published in Nutrients .

Nutritional deficiencies

Diets that promise to “shed pounds” in a very short time often lead to severe nutritional deficiencies. These, in general, are based on eating certain ingredients, ignoring whether or not they meet the body’s requirements.

Having a nutrient deficit carries risks that should not be ignored. In addition to weakening the immune system, it interferes with circulatory health, metabolism and hormonal activity, consequences of a diet that is not suitable for your body.

Cholesterol problems

There are meal plans that restrict carbohydrates and sugars to prioritize protein and fat. These diets allow you to lose weight easily, because the body uses fat as its main source of energy.


However, not taking care of the source of the fats can affect the lipid profile. In this way, it has been shown that the intake of trans fatty acids is capable of damaging cardiovascular health.

Nutritional anemia in a diet not suitable for your body

The low absorption of high-quality nutrients, or the restriction of some food groups, trigger episodes of nutritional anemia in dozens of patients. This disease, which is characterized by the reduction of red blood cells in the blood, causes decay, hair weakness, irritability, among other symptoms. A clear example is anemia derived from a lack of dietary iron, according to research published in The Medical Clinics of North America.

The risk of suffering from it increases when there is a history of the disease and even so, a “miracle” type of diet or the like is chosen. Therefore, it never hurts to do blood tests every so often.

Digestive problems

For the digestive system to work optimally, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and other sources of dietary fiber. By adopting a restrictive diet in these foods, there is a high probability of suffering digestive difficulties and constipation.

Stomach pain from slow digestion.

On the other hand, a diet with too much fiber is not convenient. Excess of this nutrient disrupts the functions of the intestine and can cause inflammation and gas.

Neuropsychic disorders

Great care! Although many ignore it, the type of diet has a lot to do with the state of mental and emotional health. In case of a diet that is not suitable for your body, neuropsychic disorders such as anxiety and insomnia can occur.

Propose a diet suitable to your body

Are you exposing yourself to these risks? If you find yourself on a special diet without the prior supervision of a nutritionist, be concerned. Although it may seem harmless, over time it leads to dangerous consequences.

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