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Out of not very much at all, a wonder goal! Raspadori takes delivery of a speculative pass down the inside-left channel. He brings it down from the sky, takes a touch to the left, drops a shoulder back to the right, sending Walker off to the shops, and whips a sensational shot across Pope and into the right-hand side of goal. One hell of a finish!

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The referee blows up on 44 minutes and 59 seconds. You can’t blame him. That wasn’t much of a spectacle. Channel 4 aren’t getting much bang for their buck from this England deal, are they.

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Italy: Donnarumma, Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Acerbi, Toloi, Cristante, Jorginho, Dimarco, Raspadori, Scamacca, Barella.
Subs: Meret, Vicario, Luiz Felipe, Pobega, Frattesi, Gnonto, Emerson, Zerbin, Grifo, Gabbiadini, Esposito, Bastoni.


England: Pope, James, Dier, Maguire, Walker, Bellingham, Rice, Sterling, Foden, Saka, Kane.
Subs: Ramsdale, D Henderson, Trippier, Shaw, Grealish, Coady, Ward-Prowse, Tomori, Mount, Bowen, Alexander-Arnold, Abraham.


Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (Spain).

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The last time England played, this happened …

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… so, well, y’know. In fact, England are on a skid of four matches without a win, having made an awful mess of Nations League Group A3 so far. Home and away losses against Hungary, a fortunate draw in Germany, and some goalless tedium in Wolverhampton against Italy have rooted Gareth Southgate’s side to the bottom of the table. If they lose at San Siro tonight, they’ll be cashiered from the top tier with extreme prejudice. In other words, it’s gameface time. Kick off is at 7.45pm BST. It’s on!

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Key parties

85 min: Gabbiadini breaks transparent down the inside-left channel and hammers a shot immediately at Pope. The Italian takes up ownership once more and slips a move down the left for Dimarco, who lotions a shot throughout Pope and rancid the bottom of the right-hand publish. Shaw does smartly to steer clear of deflecting the rebound into the web, moving his toes adroitly to show and hack transparent. Italy inches clear of sealing England’s destiny.

83 min: Bellingham makes a bit of of area down the inside-left channel, his twists and turns incomes himself the proper to shoot. He goals for the tip left, however he’s leaning again, and the ball’s at all times flying over.

82 min: With ten mins to move in Germany, it’s nonetheless 1-0 to Hungary. As issues stand, all of Crew A3’s trade can be finished this night. Hungary will win the gang, going via to the finals, whilst England can be relegated to tier B. As issues stand.

81 min: Earlier than it may be taken, the goalscorer Raspadori is changed via Gabbiadini. James then sees his unfastened kick dispatched safely via Donnarumma.

80 min: Di Lorenzo is booked for a rather agricultural block on Grealish, simply to the left of the Italy D. A unfastened kick in a perilous place.

78 min: England proceed to press Italy again, albeit with out making every other probability. They’ve regarded a bit of brighter because the advent of Grealish. “Staring at with a blended collection of Neapolitans and English right here in Naples,” stories Colum Fordham. “Large response via Neapolitan contingent to the perfectly taken purpose via Raspadori, Napoli’s new younger striker.”

76 min: Nor will this. Foden, Grealish and Bellingham trip the ball left to appropriate around the face of the Italy field. Bellingham slips one down the channel for Kane, who pearls low and tough in opposition to the purpose. Donnarumma parries brilliantly. Kane tries once more. Donnarumma blocks once more. Italy transparent. That’s England’s perfect transfer of the fit.

74 min: Kane tries to near down Donnarumma. The Italy keeper sees him off with a cheeky Cruyff Flip. That’s not likely to have progressed the England captain’s foul temper.

72 min: Southgate responds via sending on Grealish and Shaw for Saka and Walker.

71 min: James floats a unfastened kick in from the proper. Dier can’t get his header on the right track. Miles extensive appropriate.

70 min: Walker afforded Raspadori a ways an excessive amount of area and time there. Not one of the different England defenders appeared specifically switched on, both. As issues stand, England can be relegated from the tip tier.

GOAL! Italy 1-0 England (Raspadori 68)

Out of now not very a lot in any respect, a marvel purpose! Raspadori takes supply of a speculative move down the inside-left channel. He brings it down from the sky, takes a slightly to the left, drops a shoulder again to the proper, sending Walker off to the malls, and whips a sensational shot throughout Pope and into the right-hand facet of purpose. One hell of a end!

Giacomo Raspadori rankings a rasper to place Italy forward. {Photograph}: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Photographs

66 min: A nook at the appropriate ends up in every other at the left. Dimarco takes. Pope punches transparent once more, and this time England transparent their traces. Bellingham is clipped via Cristante inflicting Kane to hold forth within the referee’s face. Somewhat little bit of edge getting into this sport.

65 min: Di Lorenzo rolls a flat-footed Maguire down the proper, drawing a nasty. England don’t transparent the ensuing unfastened kick, and Raspadori finally ends up taking pictures from a good perspective at the appropriate. Pope punches out for a nook.

63 min: Italy make a double trade, changing Scamacca and Barella with Pobega and Gnonto.

61 min: From the nook, Bellingham is going up for a prime ball with Barella. The pair collide with Bellingham in mid-air, and the England guy falls on his again. He’s winded. England declare a nasty – it was once appropriate at the fringe of the penalty field – however each referee and VAR rule it a 50-50 twist of fate. There was once no malice on Barella’s phase, nevertheless it was once an inept problem, and also you’ve noticed fouls given for much less.

Jude Bellingham takes a tumble.
Jude Bellingham takes a tumble. {Photograph}: James Williamson/AMA/Getty Photographs

60 min: Kane is shipped into area down the proper and fires low and tough throughout the six-yard field. Sterling hopes to get at the finish of it via the left-hand publish, however Toloi flicks out for a nook, simply in time.

59 min: Bellingham romps down the center and sprays a move extensive left for Foden, who tries to search out Kane on the a ways stick. Acerbi will get within the highway to flick out for a nook, however the flag is going up for offside.

57 min: Raspadori rolls a lovable move down the left for Dimarco, who rolls the ball into the field for Barella. He’s were given to attain from ten yards, with handiest Pope to overcome, however slides his effort extensive appropriate. What a leave out! His blushes are spared when the flag is going up for offside.

55 min: Kane takes issues into his personal palms and wanders again on anyway. The referee comes throughout to present him a small bollocking, however doesn’t upload insult to harm via reserving him for insubordination.

54 min: Kane is excellent to proceed, sure, however he’s now not been allowed again on but. He’s fuming, nevertheless it seems like he’s nonetheless bleeding, and so the assistant ref isn’t permitting him again on.

Ouch! {Photograph}: Nick Potts/PA

53 min: Replays display Toloi unintentionally nutting Kane slap bang within the mouth. There’s a good bit of blood however the physio mops it up, stems the glide, and the England captain can be excellent to proceed.

51 min: James hits the pass lengthy. Kane is going up with Toloi. The ball sails over their heads and out for a purpose kick. Kane in the meantime crashes to the ground conserving his face. On comes the physio.

50 min: Kane makes his means down the inside-left channel earlier than hitting a cross-cum-shot that’s deflected out for a nook via Bonucci. James to take.

49 min: James tries to whip-curl the unfastened kick into the top-right nook. The ball nestles within the top-right nook of the stand at the back of.

48 min: … however then the sport springs to existence eventually! Dimarco curls in viciously from the left. Scamacca can’t moderately get at the finish of the low pass to fireside house. England instantly counter via Sterling, who dribbles down the inside-left channel and attracts a cynical foul from Bonucci. A yellow card for the Italian captain, and a unfastened kick in an overly bad place, simply to the left of the D.

46 min: A scrappy begin to the 1/2, with each groups transport ownership a ways too simply. It doesn’t augur smartly.

Italy get the second one 1/2 underway. There were no half-time adjustments.

Part-time postbag. “Pricey Christ, that is terrible, isn’t it? Two video games from a International Cup? Yikes.” Ben Watson there, with an e-mail that reads much more glumly in the event you come at it from an Italian viewpoint.

In the meantime in lieu of significant motion at San Siro, Kári Tulinius stories: “The primary 1/2 of Finland v Romania has been decently entertaining. The latter have most definitely been the easier group, however Teemu Pukki is a ahead who can reliably shoot the ball exhausting and hit the objective, so regardless of Romania having extra and higher probabilities, the Eagle-Owls lead 1-0. Benefit from the second 1/2!” We’ll check out.

ALSO HALF TIME: Germany 0-1 Hungary. Adam Szalai with the one purpose thus far on 17 mins. As issues stand, Hungary will win Crew A3 and make it via to the finals.

HALF TIME: Italy 0-0 England

The referee blows up on 44 mins and 59 seconds. You’ll be able to’t blame him. That wasn’t a lot of a spectacle. Channel 4 aren’t getting a lot bang for his or her dollar from this England deal, are they.

43 min: Some other Foden unfastened kick from the left. This one’s higher, in opposition to Rice at the right-hand fringe of the six-yard field. Bonucci is pressured to eyebrow out for a nook, however that’ll by no means be taken, since the whistle is going for shoving. Rice truly didn’t do an excessive amount of improper there, and appears understandably incensed.

42 min: Kane is given an absurd quantity of area to run into. He strides down the center, thinks about passing, thinks once more, then blooters over the bar from 30 yards. Donnarumma flippantly watches the ball sail away.

40 min: Italy push England again. Acerbi threatens down the inside-left channel, however then Foden nips within the highway and wins a unfastened kick. The power on England is launched.

38 min: Scamacca knocks a protracted ball down for Cristante, who lotions a first-time shot goalwards. It deflects clear of risk, off the again of his personal guy Scamacca.

37 min: Bellingham meets the nook at the fringe of the field, however can handiest ship a vulnerable bouncer via to Donnarumma. England have abruptly taken it up a notch.

36 min: Bellingham works his means down the proper and earns England a nook. James takes. Extra bagatelle. Dimarco is pressured to hack out for every other nook at the identical facet. James to take once more.

35 min: Unfastened kick for England out at the left touchline. Foden’s unfastened kick is 1/2 cleared. James, romping down the inside-right flank, has a speculative whack. The ball bagatelles its means throughout the Italy field and out for what will have to be a nook … however the referee awards a purpose kick as an alternative.

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