Silence Can Change Your Life

In everyday life there is a lot of noise and when this is missing a feeling of strangeness appears. There is no awareness that this constant noise favors anxiety and stress, two of the sensations that nobody wants in their life.

When there is absolute silence, anxiety also often arises. However, once you adapt and accept it normally, the tensions begin to dissolve. It is time, then, to embrace it.

In this post we tell you how silence can improve your life.

Silence and positive changes

Silence is currently not given the value it deserves and is probably thought by many to be an irrelevant topic, with little practical effect on well-being.

However, keeping silent pays off enormously, even if at first you think it’s just a waste of time.

There are people who practice meditation or yoga and know the importance of slowing down the mind and looking for other levels of consciousness to regulate stress levels. This is something that can also be achieved through silence.

Paracelsus, a 16th century philosopher and physician, recommended silence as a measure to maintain good health. He was guided by the Pythagorean tradition, in which they stayed for five years without saying a word, before being able to speak with the teacher. This is stated in an article published by the University of Chile.

The following are some of the benefits of silence.

Greater connection with oneself

How many times a day do you spend a moment to reflect? Do you reserve a moment to enjoy the silence? Or a small space to connect with yourself and look inside yourself? Surely not, because what prevails around is activity and noise.

Giving yourself a moment of silence each day can help you discover new things about yourself. If you do it regularly, you will learn to enjoy your company and to perceive yourself more clearly. Not all people are capable of doing this, so if you succeed, consider yourself lucky! You have overcome a great barrier.

Greater attention to detail

Silence helps develop attention and concentration, as it reduces the number of stimuli and allows a more precise mental focus. Perhaps at first this will cause you concern, because you will perceive each sound, no matter how small.

be quiet

However, this will allow you to expand and develop your perception.  This will be reflected in your daily life, because you will feel more awake.

It will also help you see life from different perspectives; It will help you notice what you usually overlook and this can be very useful if you go through a complicated situation or that you do not know how to solve.

You embrace simplicity

Material objects and possessions are sometimes believed to bring happiness. In fact, happiness is thought to be something to seek and find. However, true well-being is within each one and not without. Silence helps to understand this.

Thanks to silence it is possible to discover other dimensions of well-being . The reunion with the most genuine emotions and thoughts leads to a change of consciousness. You discover that to feel good you only need to be in harmony with yourself and with others. In the simple are the real reasons to smile.

You connect with your desires

The speed with which time passes in front of our eyes, the fragility of relationships, the superficiality of our own existence … All this causes that, sometimes, we do not know what it is we really want.


Silence is a way to connect with yourself and, therefore, to rediscover what you really want to do. Surely there are many things that you have been putting off because the daily routine has absorbed you until causing you a kind of blindness.

Where will you go now that you have opened your eyes?

It will give you a lesson in courage

It is brave, but at the same time difficult, to face who we really are. When you move away from noise and are silent, you can see your fears more clearly and realize that many of them are unfounded.

Many fears dissipate when you look at them head on. This will help you feel more free and courageous to fight for what you want. Silence teaches that many fears are fictitious and that they arise precisely from a lack of contact with oneself.

To not forget…

Do you spend time in silence during the day? If you don’t, maybe it’s time to give it a try. Not only will you open a way to find yourself, but you will also give your brain a well-deserved relief and rest.

Being in silence, and hopefully breathing deeply, is an experience that helps you rest from the bombardment of stimuli that exist in your day-to-day life. Noise is like a smoke screen that prevents you from seeing what is really inside you. So give it a try!

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