Remedies For Vaginal Itching

Natural remedies that claim to eliminate vaginal itching can be dangerous and worsen the health of our vagina. That is why we should avoid them at all costs.

Vaginal itching is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable annoyance that conditions us and can even affect us on a psychological level. But above all it is a health problem that we must treat appropriately to avoid complications.

Therefore, if you feel discomfort, it is best that you always go to your doctor or your gynecologist to offer you a clear diagnosis of what is happening to you and give you an adequate and safe treatment to eliminate vaginal itching.

However, many women when they feel this itch, are not aware of the seriousness that it can take in some cases, since it can be a symptom of serious infections of the vagina. This causes them to resort to unreliable and health-threatening practices. Here we show you some of the most common.

What is vaginal itching due to?

This problem, as well as irritation or other similar discomfort in the genital area, can be due to different causes. Here we explain some of the most common:

Hormonal disorders

Altered levels of certain hormones (such as estrogens) can cause changes in the vagina and its discharge, causing itching and irritation. These disorders can occur, for example, during menopause, pregnancy or in some phases of the menstrual cycle.

Irritating chemicals

These substances can come into contact with the genital area through some detergents and fabric softeners, soaps, certain fabrics, pads and tampons, etc.

Not all women are affected the same, but it is important to try to use products that are as natural as possible. It is also possible to use cloth or natural cotton pads, as well as the menstrual cup instead of tampons.


Tips to avoid the appearance of vaginal fungus

If the discharge turns white and thick, vaginal itching and other general discomfort are present, you may be suffering from yeast infections. It is an infection caused by a fungus that affects the vaginal flora.

It is important, for this reason, to have a strong immune system. Many women suffer from chronic yeast infections even without knowing it. It is best to go to the doctor to offer us a diagnosis as soon as possible.


What is vaginal itching?

The inflammations of the vagina can be caused by any type of infection; of course, they can also trigger itching and disturbances in flow and odor. It is important to go to the doctor to make a timely diagnosis in these circumstances.

False remedies to eliminate vaginal itching


Garlic benefits

It has traditionally been used as a natural antibiotic and is popularly used to prevent and treat all types of infections. This is because garlic is composed of various substances, among which we find allicin, with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that would help fight fungi and bacteria.

However, we did not find any studies that confirm the efficacy of garlic in the direct treatment of these problems or in the elimination of vaginal itching.

What’s more, the application of this and other natural remedies can cause irritation in the vaginal area, increase itching or interrupt the recovery process.

The best remedy to eliminate vaginal itching is to go to our gynecologist to give us the proper treatment and maintain proper feminine hygiene.

Tea tree oil


Popularly, tea tree essential oil has been used as a topical antifungal remedy. This use has been extrapolated to its use for the elimination of vaginal fungi and, therefore, vaginal itching.

However, there are no studies that support this practice. In fact, recent studies indicate that the abuse in the topical use of essential oils, including that of tea tree, could cause skin irritations, which would be much more damaging to our vagina, a much more intimate area.

Vaginal washes

Traditionally, vaginal washes were presented as a good option to prevent and eliminate vaginal itching, as well as other ailments of the genital area.

However, medical specialists advise against their practice since these can be dangerous to health. To begin with because they can alter the delicate balance of the vaginal flora, which is essential to protect the vagina from infections and other problems. Likewise, this practice is associated with other conditions such as vaginosis, vaginal dryness or problems during pregnancy, among others.

In short, if you feel vaginal itching, the first thing you should do is go to the doctor or your gynecologist to offer you the most appropriate and safe treatment. The vaginal flora is very delicate and a break in its balance can have important health consequences, so you should never introduce any foreign substance, or follow any natural remedy without first having the approval of your doctor.

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