Recommendations To Find Emotional Balance

The emotional balance is inhabited by calm and governed by an adequate internal harmony.

Getting to this state is not easy; however, we can achieve this through simple strategies.

We understand this concept as synonymous with well-being and, above all, with health.

If we think about it, we will realize that we live in a society inhabited by “noise” and acceleration.

By noise we refer, above all, to those demands of our environments where we are obliged to be the most productive worker, the best daughter, the best father, the best sister or the best neighbor.

emotional balance

External pressures often take us away from our own identities, from our own essences.

All this wears us down until we completely break our emotional balance.

It is necessary to find calm and, above all, that inner music where at last your own needs are combined with external demands.

We must find that point of subtle emotional balance where we can be much happier. More free.

The samurai philosophy to find emotional balance

It is very possible that the title of this section has caught your attention. Because, at first glance, no one would connect samurai with psychology.

However, the philosophy of bushido has inspired more than one coaching approach worth knowing.

In fact, and as a curiosity, we will tell you that in the publishing market we have such interesting books as The Mind of the Samurai: An Anthology of Bushido “, by Thomas Cleary.

In this work the author collects precisely those techniques by which the samurai managed to calm the mind and find the emotional balance to defeat their enemies.

Today, the Bushido  philosophy integrates a compendium of approaches and strategies that have attracted the attention of countless gurus in the world of self-help and personal growth.

Next, we propose you to know 6 basic keys that, without a doubt, will help you.

1. You must be above worries, never below

emotional balance

To find emotional balance we must maintain an adequate sense of control over our reality.

  • The need to be “above” our concerns implies precisely this: developing a clear perception that we are in control of the situation.
  • The moment I place myself below my problems, I let myself be carried away by them.

So remember: put yourself a little higher than what worries you to stay in control. They will not be able to with you.

2. Accept adversity

The samurai accepts his death. He understands that, sooner or later, he will give his life for his duty, as bushido indicates .

  • For our part, and without going to this extreme, we must accept adversity.
  • Assuming this dark part of life will allow us to be more realistic and maintain a calmer mind. In this way, we also move towards emotional balance.

3. Develop your decision-making capacity

samurai emotional balance

You have to be active agents and not mere spectators.

If we let ourselves go without being able to decide for ourselves, self-esteem is fragmented and, with it, our emotions, our dignity, our values.

We must develop our assertiveness, be protagonists in our battlefields and not mere squires. This ability is very necessary and is related to our communication skills, according to this study carried out by the Autonomous University of Yucat√°n (Mexico).

4. Your mind is your best ally

For a samurai his mind was his best ally. Now, only a calm mind allowed them to obtain the triumph over their enemies.

  • Stress, doubts and fear are great enemies of that balanced mind that knows where to focus attention.
  • To train this great ally we must find moments for ourselves throughout the day.
  • Silence, meditation (according to this study carried out by the Center for Psychological and Sociological Research of Havana) and attending to one’s own needs and thoughts every day for 1 or 2 hours will allow us to further refine that calm mind.

5. Be clear about your values, your principles and what is your horizon


People must get up every day with a project in mind, a specific purpose. Sometimes something as simple as “I deserve and want to be happy” is enough .

Just as the samurai had his bushido code , we must have our own values.

Those that nobody or nothing should tear down.

If you have a purpose and you know what your roots are, nothing should stop you. That will be your point on the horizon and those will be your principles.

The psychic and emotional balance that this can bring you is, without a doubt, very significant.

Dare to put it into practice!


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