Nutritional Decalogue To Combat Exhaustion And Stress

Fatigue is almost always temporary and comes as a result of physical effort, lack of sleep and even having eaten badly during the day. However, on occasions, we can suffer from “chronic exhaustion”, a situation that, far from being punctual, is maintained over time and that prevents us from leading a normal life.

What is the cause of this exhaustion or chronic fatigue? The causes can be multiple, from very specific diseases, to the lack of vitamins or the presence of a hidden depression. For example, this study shows that chronic fatigue syndrome reflects a situation of persistent and unexplained fatigue at small physical and mental efforts that is clearly disabling for the patient.

Likewise, it shows us that it is usually accompanied by a symptomatic context of an inflammatory type. Its etiology and pathogenesis are unknown, although a postviral hypothesis with associated immune dysfunction is postulated. There is no specific diagnostic marker. The diagnosis is clinical through the use of agreed criteria that require a broad differential diagnosis of the organic and psychological causes of fatigue.

However, in the article that we want to present to you today we will try to give an approach to the exhaustion that stress usually causes. That daily pressure that we do not manage properly and that, consequently, takes away our strength until we become weak. Changing habits and prioritizing yourself a bit in managing these stressful situations are factors that will help you.

Regarding this that is mentioned above, the expert Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, a doctor of internal medicine in Atlanta, explains that if you reduce your social commitments a little, reduce the volume of work in the office and try to sleep more, then, the natural thing is that timely and timely results are obtained. Otherwise, says the doctor, if you continue to feel the symptoms of fatigue after all these changes, you will need professional help.

Now, in addition to the measures you must take, taking care of your diet and following these simple guidelines that we now present to you, could help you to further facilitate this recovery process.

We tried? Put these tips into practice!

1. Start the day with a glass of warm lemon water

It is an ideal way to alkalize our body, to purify toxins and to strengthen our immune system. Lemon juice contains adequate vitamins and minerals to combat exhaustion and stress, so it is suggested to take it every day in the morning, as soon as you wake up, for 5 days in a row. Rest on the weekends and start over. You will see results in a couple weeks, even more so, you will feel them!

2. Oats can help reduce stress

Oats are rich in many nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but it is also a very beneficial food for the nervous system.

In its composition it has an alkaloid called “avenin” that acts as a mild sedative and that will help us start the day in a calmer way and with the right nutrients to avoid the classic morning fatigue.

If you accompany your bowl of oatmeal with a few almonds you will enhance these properties even more.

3. A single cup of coffee a day and not carbonated soft drinks

cold coffee cream

Given its energetic properties and its high antioxidant content, it will always be appropriate to include that morning cup of coffee (100 ml) in our breakfast. It will help you clear your mind and improve your mood.

To explain it a little better, we can mention this study carried out by the University of Bath , in the United Kingdom, which emphasizes that it is better to keep the coffee beans tightly closed in the freezer so that it lasts longer, to mention just one example.

However, it is important to consume it responsibly, so he suggests not exceeding the recommended dose of 100 ml, as well as avoiding not drinking it after noon. Otherwise, since your nervous system is already altered by stress, we could further enhance that nervousness.

Also indicate that, on occasions, many people who suffer from exhaustion and stress tend to resort to the classic cola drinks to “cheer up” or to “clear up”, without knowing that it is a risk to their health. The high level of sugar (even light ) will make the symptoms of fatigue even worse.

This “activation” will be temporary and then the descent will be more pronounced. First, use a natural fruit juice or even a glass of water with a little lemon.

4. Daily exercise

Although you may feel tired, you should bear in mind that this exhaustion has its origin in stress and that a very effective way to combat it is by doing some exercise, such as going for a walk, swimming, cycling or even to dance. The endorphin level rises and we improve our heart health.

5. Sleep 7 hours a day and take a 30-minute nap at noon

Even if you can’t fall asleep, close your eyes and try to rest. Your body and especially your brain need it. Remember to always follow the same schedules and go to bed and eat at the same times. All this will help you enjoy a better quality of sleep and combat exhaustion and stress.

It is recommended to use some track of a guided meditation to sleep, do breathing exercises for 3 minutes once in bed, try to be in a dark room and therefore, very important, do not use the mobile before sleeping, since the light blue could contribute to staying up late.

Of the latter, there are various investigations, such as this study, where OSU Faculty of Sciences researcher Jaga Giebultowicz led a research collaboration that  examined how flies responded to 12-hour daily exposures to blue LED light ,  similar to the blue wavelength of devices such as phones and tablets, and found that light accelerated aging.

6. Breathe pure oxygen in a natural space

Find some time throughout the day to enjoy nature. It is enough to spend half an hour outdoors in a space where there are trees. Feel the cool breeze, the sun on your face, breathe deeply and disconnect your mind. Don’t think about anything and let yourself be enveloped by the calm of nature. It is very therapeutic.

7. A natural yogurt without sugar

Very suitable for breakfast or when hunger strikes at noon. It is interesting to know that natural yogurt helps us to regenerate the intestinal flora and, in turn, favors the production of serotonin.  This hormone regulates and improves our mood.

It is also suitable for reducing stress and even body temperature so that you can rest better at night.

8. Unsweetened dark chocolate

Natural source of antioxidants, magnesium and calcium, very suitable for reducing exhaustion and stress. We love! So don’t hesitate and put a few ounces of dark chocolate in your bag. The recommended daily amount is between  40 and 50 grams.

9. Blue fish before meat

It is rich in proteins and fatty acids that are healthy for our hearts and bones. Oily fish is a staple food that we must include in our diet to combat exhaustion and stress.

Both salmon, trout or sardines will help reduce the level of cortisol in the blood. And even to avoid the headache or joint pain that we usually feel when we are stressed. It is very healthy, never give up oily fish!

10. A glass of wine is not bad for us

A glass of red wine would go bad for us from time to time, it has been shown to help take care of the heart, which could help regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, as well as combat anxiety and stress.

However, we are in the presence of an alcoholic drink that, like the rest of the drinks and foods that we eat, must be done with extreme and extreme responsibility, because we do not want to make a habit of it, remember that any food in excess is harmful and harmful to health, plus an alcoholic drink. So, always consume it in moderation.

These small recommendations could help you obtain immediate results, as long as you start to incorporate them into a healthy, balanced and responsible lifestyle, which is not only about resting, but also about choosing better foods, that are of quality and added to this, exercise on a daily basis.

Do you dare to add them to your list? If stress persists, see a specialist.

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