Living Is The Only Urgent Thing, The Rest Is Secondary

Far from watching time go by or letting yourself be carried away by the plans of others, fulfilling your own dreams is presented as the most precious motivation for each person. Yet in the midst of instability or disorder, it seems that living is ultimately the only urgent thing.

Although there are those who think that it is never too late to do what we want, what is the point of constantly delaying the moment to start enjoying?

Maybe sometimes we forget that happiness is hidden in the small and simple details of everyday life. Without engaging in great pretensions or distracted by secondary matters, achieving well-being is possible. What are we waiting for?

If you are interested in reflecting on these questions, read on. Here are some ideas in more detail.

Living is the only urgent thing


Let’s look at the image of these sunflowers for a few seconds. They are full of light, bursting with energy and splendor. Throughout the cycle they go through, they have only one goal: to move to seek illumination from the sun. The life of these plants is a simple life, but with a purpose.

This case, in fact, is useful as an analogy with what we want to illustrate in this text. That is, as humans we also have the ability to find that radiance with which we feel good and are ourselves. Any other role that deviates from this goal will be artificial, rather secondary.

  • Happiness lies in doing what really satisfies us every day. Thus, it is essential to find a job with which we identify ourselves, that fulfills us.
  • Likewise, joy can come from the hand of those activities in which we learn, have fun and have a space to grow.
  • But, in addition to prioritizing ourselves, the key is also to make others lucky. In this way, sharing experiences with friends or family is a stimulus with which we often feed our own well-being.
  • Help, protect, educate, offer care, make people laugh, comfort, build… These actions all consist of enriching experiences with which we participate in positive interactions and give meaning to existence.

If we set plans on the horizon and make an effort to keep them in mind, we will notice that, like sunflowers, it is feasible to keep our attention and direct it towards what motivates us.

Do not leave happiness in the hands of anyone

Furthermore, defining what you want to achieve is an individual task. That is, beyond delegating responsibility to other people, it is about assuming that satisfaction depends largely on each one.

In turn, if we only attend to what others do or do not do, we will lose sight of what really matters to us. Submitting or being too aware of the interests of others distances us from our own aspirations, makes us forget a bit of who we are …

Although receiving affection from others is related to beautiful feelings, balance is shown as an aspect at all times necessary.

For example, in the sphere of the couple, both members contribute to mutual happiness. Thus, common projects are based on reciprocity, but without neglecting the particular illusions of the partner.

Learn to prioritize, to know what is important and what secondary

to live

If we ever ask a friend or relative if they recognize what they value most in life, they will most likely look at us with skepticism and say that about… How could I not know!

However, then it is surprising that one of the most frequent queries in Internet search engines is precisely that of “how to be happy”. What does that mean? Are there those who find it difficult to establish priorities in their day-to-day life?

Maybe we still have a hard time distinguishing what is the main and what is the secondary? The opportunity to know ourselves and prioritize what brings us peace will repeatedly present itself. Why let her escape?

Maybe you live in a place where there is hardly any sun, you do mechanical work that does not allow you to develop creativity, or you spend little time with the people you appreciate. Have you stopped to think about aspects like this? What would happen when making small changes to enjoy more?

The value of living knowing that it is the only urgent thing

Learning to motivate yourself is a choice. It is based on dressing the days with dreams and goals to fulfill.

An existence without worries is a fire without flame or a field without poppies.

In addition, it does not take so much to feed the heat of the illusion … It is enough to limit some plots that we want to take care of. Which one will you start with?

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