Living Is Much More Than Existing

Living is much more than existing, although sometimes, there are those who forget it. Between birth and the day we leave this world, a wonderful stage called “life” unfolds that must be experienced to the fullest, until we run out of breath.

We know that, sometimes, it is not easy to take full advantage of our days.  Obligations, work and sometimes complex personal relationships limit a bit that joie de vivre that we should all enjoy.

However, if we become fully aware that the simple fact of existing, of being here and now in this world, is already a great wonder, we will begin to prioritize everything that is really important.

We invite you to reflect on it.

What to do to live, instead of just existing?

1. Not living other people’s lives

All of us are part of at least three social circles:

  • A family of origin with parents, siblings, and other “blood” relatives.
  • A built family, where our partners, children and those friends are who we also value as “family”.
  • A work context where our co-workers, bosses, clients, etc. are.

These everyday social circles also determine who we are, how we see ourselves and how others see us.

If these contexts are harmonious and enriching, we will also find meaning in our existence, because we will feel valued, loved and useful for society and important people.

If within these social circles there are conflicts, pressures, fears and tensions, then we will be being prisoners of other people’s worlds. We will be “slaves” of negative emotions that will prevent us from existing as we wish.

If this is our case, it would be necessary to establish priorities, break ties or set limits. Our inner peace and well-being are non-negotiable.

2. Learn to enjoy the “here and now” that surrounds you

To find the simple pleasure of existing, of appreciating our belonging to this world and what surrounds us, it is necessary that we follow these steps:

  • Let’s stop the noise of our thoughts. We are always busy with those ideas that, far from being productive, are “noise”, fears, worries, etc.
  • Let’s find moments for ourselves, in solitude. We deserve our own moments to be with ourselves.
  • Let us appreciate everything that surrounds us, because the beauty of life is sometimes inscribed in the most elementary things.

3. Be grateful for everything you have and what you are

It is possible that more than one has thought ” How can I be grateful for what I have, if at this moment I am not happy?”

  • People must understand that, despite not having what we really want, we always have the ability to change things. The strength is in the will, in optimism, in our ability to get excited again.
  • Let us be grateful for the simple fact of existing, of feeling the warmth of the sunlight, of seeing the smiles of the people who really love us. Let us give thanks for being brave people who know everything they have overcome, and who have many things left to experience.
  • Let’s live in the moment and be grateful for what we perceive now. If what we have in this moment are tears and sorrows in our hearts, let us understand that in this life nothing remains.
  • Tomorrow it will hurt a little less and life will bring us better things as long as our attitude is receptive.

4. Don’t imagine, don’t wait, don’t lament: get out of your comfort zone, live life!

Dreaming is not bad, on the contrary; It gives us illusions and clothes us with hopes that we wish to see fulfilled. However, if we spend most of the day dreaming and waiting, we will not advance in other aspects.

We need to get out of our comfort zone and take risks, because life is more than just existing. Life, actually, is summed up in these maxims:

  • Living is making mistakes and trying again.
  • Let us allow second and third chances.
  • Let’s learn to say no, and dare to say “yes” without knowing what might happen.
  • Living is being out of breath and wanting more.
  • Enjoy the calm and also the bustle of joy, of dreams that are touched with the fingertips.

Everything is possible if you try hard

Apply these simple tips in your day to day life and do not forget that, sometimes, achieving happiness and inner peace is much easier than we think.

It only requires some assertiveness, a good dose of daily enthusiasm and the fundamental pillar of self-esteem. Do not forget!

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