Learn To Meditate Briefly To Relieve Tension

To enjoy the benefits of meditation, just five minutes a day is enough. You don’t have to spend hours in the lotus flower pose to get good results.

Did you know that brief meditation can help you find your balance ? Every day we are under the effects of stress, worries, nerves … And they accumulate if we don’t “eliminate them”!

We do not always realize the consequences they have on our body and mind, until it is too late. In this article we propose a very effective technique: meditate.

If you do it every day, at least a few minutes, you can remove the tensions that have built up.

Eliminate stress with meditation

Meditate briefly each day

Raise your hand to those who would not like to be receiving a decontracting massage session and listening to relaxed music right now! Nobody, right?

It is not necessary to go to a spa or take a trip to the middle of Tibet and enter a Buddhist temple to get the relaxation that we so much need.

During the day we accumulate tensions in different parts of the body : the neck, shoulders, legs, arms, eyes, mouth …

If all the days are plagued with problems, we walk from here to there, we sleep little and badly, we eat frightfully… How do we expect to be healthy and happy later? It is very easy to get sick and have a hell of a mood.

If we have the same routine every day, those tensions that were small before become enormous. The result? Contractures, pain, inflammation, etc.

It is not because you have made a particular effort, but because your muscles are sore from the pressure and, in the face of any extra stimulus, they complain.

Observe and pay attention to your body, it is giving you many signals and you may not have perceived them yet. Do not wait until the last minute, to not be able to move your neck or for your eyes to be inflamed and cry on their own.

A good exercise you can do from now on is to analyze which parts of your body you are using the most. For example, if you work in an office with the computer, you will be using your eyes and your hands more and it is in those areas where you will accumulate tensions.

If you lift weight, the tension will be located in your back. If you attend a store and are on your feet all day, on your knees … and so on with all jobs or daily activities.

What to do with all that information? Use it to your advantage, without a doubt.

Meditate briefly each day

Meditation exercises

When we read or hear the word “meditation” and all its derivatives, we automatically imagine a bald monk in an orange robe in the middle of the mountain.

Although he will also have his routine to meet his inner self, you do not have to convert to Buddhism or anything like that.

You can meditate briefly at home, in the garden, in the park, or wherever you want. You also don’t have to spend hours and hours in the lotus flower position to get good results. Five minutes a day will be enough. Do the test! You will feel much better.

For example, this study shows that if we can meditate daily, we will receive a series of benefits, not only that would help us release stress, but also oxygenation benefits for our brain.

A tip: meditate early in the morning if you want to face the day with all the energy, or at night in the bedroom to sleep like a little angel.

It all depends on your needs and what you are looking for with this practice. Or perhaps you can take advantage of its benefits by meditating when the sun rises and before going to bed. It would be perfect!

Take a look at the following meditation practice that you can do at any time of the day. It will only take a few minutes. And the benefits are many, so it will be worth it!

  • You won’t feel so exhausted
  • You will improve your mood
  • Your mind will relax
  • You will be able to sleep well
  • You will avoid the collateral effects of stress
  • You will not get sick, as your immune system will be strengthened.

All these benefits of meditating 5 minutes a day? Have you noticed how interesting it is?

How to meditate briefly?

1. Choose the moment

You don’t have to add it to your schedule of obligations or always stick to a specific schedule.

You can put a time slot, for example, morning, afternoon, after dinner, etc. The important thing is that you respect it, for your own good, of course.

2. Choose the place

Place to relax

It has to be a quiet place, where nothing and nobody can bother you. A place that allows you to close the door and completely isolate yourself from the world.

Select a place where you feel comfortable and that is your refuge, such as your room.

3. Sit down and close your eyes

If you cannot stay in the lotus position, you can sit as is most comfortable for you, in bed, in a chair, on the sofa, on the floor, on some cushions … It is your decision.

When you close your eyes, the “ceremony” begins. Focus your attention on the breath and let all worry go out of your mind.

Breathe slowly and slowly, through your nose, going through your body well with each inspiration and releasing the tensions each time you eliminate the air.

4. Relax

While you are breathing easy, ask your body to relax, especially the problem areas.

You can start with the feet, then the legs, torso, arms, shoulders, and head. Right in this part is where you should stop, since the eyes, the neck and the forehead are the places that accumulate the most tension.

Feel the relaxation little by little, enjoy this new sensation. Open your eyes slowly and get used to reality.

Repeat the exercise the next day and you will notice many changes in your life. Do not hesitate!

Have we convinced you of the benefits of meditating briefly each day?

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