Different Types Of Scholarships in Canada


Scholarships as we know them helps students out in schools to help complete their studies. The right scholarship can set a student on a greater platform for achieving their goals. Scholarships provide much needed financial aid, as well as a certain degree of prestige. However, scholarships are not only awarded to students with a high GPA. Here, this article will be telling you the type of scholarships available for students to apply for.

When it comes to winning scholarships, the common advice is to apply early and often. But with tons of competition across the country, you need to narrow down the list to scholarships you could realistically win.

  •  Academic Scholarship

Students who have shown high achievements in their academics are rewarded with a scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to students with the most exceptional GPA, most impressive series of extracurricular activities, and a history of public service.

The national service corps for example recognizes academic achievement by giving awards of varying amounts every year to students who score highly on the PSAT.

  • Athletic Scholarships

Athletic Scholarship is another very competitive scholarship scheme. It is closely behind the Academic Scholarship as students are required to be highly efficient in their choice of sports and maintain a reasonable result academically. However, students have to be recommended by their coaches as well. Although, this does not guarantee you having the scholarship as it is very competitive.  For the right student-athlete, a merit scholarship in their sport can open the door to the college of their choice.

There are scholarships for nearly every sport; from volleyball to golf, tennis to football, swimming to gymnastics. The time to start thinking about the scholarship is in the early stages of high school.

  • Creative Scholarships

The artistic field is another competitive one as it is really few with a vast number of applicants. Applicants will have to submit samples of their artwork to gain the award of scholarship. Art Scholarships require a portfolio to be submitted.

Music art, acting art, and other performance-based talents will require an audition either by tape or in person. Many of these scholarships are sponsored by art colleges, while others are funded by both public and private endowments. Whatever your artistic passion, there is likely to be an applicable scholarship.

  • Scholarship For Women

Oh yes! You saw that right. There are scholarships designated to the female gender.  This is due to the fact that the male gender has been dominating the education sector and the women have decided to help females who have little or no finance out. As a result, the need to expand the number of females in the university by scholarships was embraced.

Furthermore, this scholarship does not just end with a college degree only. It goes as far as providing financially for the applicant in her life venture. Hence, females can find themselves pursuing careers in politics, science, and business. These scholarships are specifically for women and the aim is to see them in places dominated by males.

Subsequently, these scholarships are for selected courses. Therefore, applicants should be specific about their choice of course. This will help them when searching for scholarships to help pay through college.

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