Ideas To Restore And Recycle Your Old Furniture

If you are thinking of moving to a different house but do not want to throw away or donate your old furniture, you can take advantage of it by restoring it and giving it a coat of paint or varnish to help it recover.  Furniture can have many lives, we just have to know how to give it to it in an efficient and original way.

In both recycling and restoration we can find a wonderful world to do nice things for our home  or to give as a gift.  If you are thinking of transforming an old piece of furniture, we suggest ideas that will serve as inspiration.

Ideas to restore old furniture

Blue wooden chair with flowers.

You can do many things with furniture and with a little taste, patience and technique. In addition, it feels great to restore a piece of furniture yourself. It will make us feel fulfilled in addition to creating a new item that will give character, personality and warmth to our home.


  • Turn old chairs into flower pots.
  • Transform  the drawers of an old piece of furniture and you will turn it into a modern and original piece of furniture. For example, you can paint each drawer differently.
  • Refresh your old chest of drawers by removing the drawers and leave that space free to store your objects with wicker baskets, for example.


  • Line  a low table with quilted fabrics. This way you can act as a  footrest.
  • Decorate your furniture with wallpaper.
  • Varnish your wooden furniture to regain shine and warmth.
  • Sand  some parts of your furniture to give them a ‘vintage’ touch.

Display your art

  • Also, you can  carve your antique furniture. The wood that you carve has to be of high quality, otherwise you will spoil it.
  • If you have a large dining table and want to give it a different touch,  sand the top and turn it into a blank canvas. Let your imagination and your art remain on the surface.
  • Go ahead and paint furniture to turn it into works of art. Remember to varnish and apply layers of glue to make it last.


  • Paint your antique furniture by creating geometric shapes or repeating patterns with stencils.
  • Uses  effect-creating paint board.  S If you have children, this painting will allow them to develop their creativity directly in it.
  • Paint the chair legs in a weathered way to create a modern effect.
  • Paint your furniture in bold, bold colors to make it the center of attention.
Woman varnishing and cleaning a table.

These are some ideas that we propose to transform your old furniture. In this way, you will be able to preserve and use that piece of furniture that has accompanied you for so many years. Always try to inform yourself about the best techniques to achieve the best finish. Ask for help whenever you consider it necessary and it will probably become an activity that brings the whole family together. Or, perhaps, it could turn into a good deal!

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