How To Remove Mercury And Aluminum From The Body

We all have a natural purification system, since heavy metals are found naturally around us. However, the increase in environmental toxicity caused by the pollution of water, air and cities, in addition to the multitude of chemical products that we use daily, can affect this process. Our article today will explain how to remove mercury and aluminum from the body.

Heavy metals in the body

The so-called heavy metals are elements of the periodic table whose specific gravity is greater than 5 g / cm3 or that have an atomic number greater than 20. Some such as copper, cobalt and manganese are necessary for the body in small quantities. Others such as mercury and aluminum can affect the liver, kidney, skin and central nervous system causing delusions, neurological problems and suicidal tendencies.

Causes of mercury and aluminum contamination

  • Drugs with high concentrations of aluminum
  • Deposition of the same in the waters
  • Hyperacumulation in plants and fish, which then transmit it when consumed.
  • Occupational exposure (in the workplace)
  • Use of mercury dental amalgams

So is it possible to remove heavy metals?

How to remove heavy metals like mercury and aluminum from the body

 The ability to detoxify yourself is highly dependent on your metabolism, your level of metal exposure, genetic traits, and your health. It is a process that can be slow so we advise you to be patient.

Glutathione, a tripeptide synthesized mostly in the liver, is said to be essential for the elimination of these substances. Here are some tips to promote glutathione production and purification of your body:

  • Determine and eliminate the cause of contamination


The first thing to do is make sure you are not ingesting, inhaling, or absorbing mercury and aluminum. In the case of fillings in cavities, ask your dentist to place other materials, but never lead or mercury amalgam.

  • Good nutritionmetals3


A healthy body has a better ability to discard what is left over. For that reason, having good eating habits is a step forward in eliminating toxins. We recommend the ingestion of whey for the production of glutathione, fresh vegetables, which stimulate the purification pathways, and onion whose sulfur neutralizes mercury molecules.

  • Activated carbon:

Activated charcoal has been used to remove heavy metals from the body. It is important that you go to a specialist so that you receive the appropriate treatment.

  • Silica tablets:

Silica is capable of absorbing mercury, lead, aluminum, and fluorine. Remember that the doctor has the first word, never self-medicate.

  • Stomach binder

Chlorella seaweed is said to be an excellent binder for heavy metals and helps detoxify the liver, blood, and intestines. Consume it in tablets or salads daily.

  • Clay as a scrub

 Clay is capable of eliminating chemical residues that remain on our skin, in addition to making you look younger. Use clay masks to improve your health.


By following these tips, you can eliminate these metals from your body and feel healthy again.


Images courtesy of Anne Lise Heinrichs, Herry Lawford, Richard North, Steve Johnson

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