How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain Without Taking Pain Relievers

Stretching and massage are ideal for both preventing and relieving muscle pain. Try to spend at least 10 minutes a day stretching to avoid problems.

Removing muscle pain without taking pain relievers is possible through some very simple stretching and gentle exercises. Of course, prudent rest and good hydration will also be key throughout the process.

Contrary to what is usually thought, absolute rest is not recommended – unless the doctor indicates it to do so – as it can later affect mobility and the normal execution of activities.

Nor is it advisable to resort to self-medication because that way the discomfort is “hidden” or “concealed”, but it is not treated at the root and then the problem can get worse. In fact, only when the doctor has prescribed a specific treatment is it advisable to take analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Let’s see below what are the options we have to remove muscle pain.

Tips to eliminate muscle pain

We can apply the following tips to mitigate back pain related to poor posture during a specific activity or while sleeping, as well as after having performed an exercise routine that is too demanding.

We can also put them into practice as a method of preventing discomfort when we intend to abandon a sedentary lifestyle and adopt a more active lifestyle.

1. Ice

The application of ice through cold compresses allows to reduce the inflammation in the muscles at the moment that the discomfort begins to be noticed. However, for this technique to take effect you must apply it immediately (when the discomfort begins). There is no use putting ice on the area two days later.

  • To avoid burning the skin, wrap the cubes in a cloth or plastic bag and keep for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Another option is to take a contrast shower with hot and cold water.

2. Heat

If applying ice does not work because the area is not inflamed, then a warm compress can be placed on the area. Sacks of seeds can be used for this.

  • Take a shower with the hottest water you can handle to relax your muscles.
  • A good option is to prepare a soaking bath with Epsom salts or foam.
  • For its part, steam baths are very effective in relaxing tension and reducing muscle pain. You can do it at home, go to a sauna or a  spa  (where you may also get decontracting massages).

3. Do stretches

Neck stretch with chin back.

  • We can do them anywhere whether it is in the office, in the gym or at home.
  • A series of stretches lasting about 10 minutes can help us reduce pain from being in the same position for a long time or from a strong exercise routine.
  • Stretching is useless if the muscle is injured or if we push it too hard.
  • Every morning as soon as you wake up, follow a 5-minute routine that includes stretching your arms and legs. This will reduce pain and avoid major contractures. It is also a great way to start the day.

    4. Walk

    Active recovery is very interesting because it avoids a sedentary lifestyle. If your muscles are sore lately from your static work, then try walking some more.

    • It does not have to be kilometers. You can start with some streets, for example, leaving the car parked a little further from the office.
    • As you walk, you can rotate your shoulders, move your arms, and turn your head to the sides for greater relief.

    5. Physiotherapy

    How to treat a cervical contracture?

    To remove muscle pain, it is not advisable to try to do self-massage if we do not have an idea of ​​how to do it properly. Therefore, it is best to put ourselves in the hands of an expert, that is, in the hands of a physiotherapist.

    The ideal would be to visit an expert once a week in case the pain is habitual or frequent. It will apply effective techniques and will include creams, oils or gels that relax and “unload” the sore area.

    6. Rest

    Stress, anxiety, routine and obligations are the main causes of muscle pain. That is why it is essential to sleep well every night and, if we can, also about 20-30 minutes in the afternoons.

    Try to always go to bed at the same time and comply with at least 8 hours of daily rest. Do not forget that during the night the muscles recover and heal.

    7. Do scrubs

    Depending on the area of ​​the body that hurts you, you can enjoy the benefits of natural scrubs. It basically involves rubbing the muscles with a cloth or towel soaked in hot water.

    8. Do yoga

    Woman doing bridge with support.

    To remove muscle pain (or avoid it, as the case may be) it is also possible to resort to yoga.

    In fact, the regular practice of this discipline improves flexibility, prevents cramps and drives away stress. Just what the body may be lacking.

    If you can’t go to a specialized yoga center, try sticking to a simple routine at home several times a week. There are many online videos that can be useful for this purpose.

    9. Eat well

    Many times the lack of certain nutrients makes us more prone to contractures, cramps and muscle aches.

    • Try to eat a balanced diet that includes all the food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and simple sugars like honey.
    • Fruits and vegetables in season cannot be missing from your meals, as well as legumes, nuts and lean meat.
    • Keep your salt intake low.

    10. Drink water

    Drink much liquid

    When muscles are not well hydrated they are more vulnerable and cannot recover properly . If we add to that an excessive practice of sports or too much sedentary lifestyle, it is not strange to understand why they hurt us.

    To avoid this, you have to drink enough water per day, depending on your thirst. It does not have to be two liters, but it does have to be more than 3 glasses a day.

    If the pain is not relieved by any of the tips mentioned here, you should consult your doctor. It may be necessary to take some type of analgesic or anti-inflammatory and follow a specific treatment that includes regular physical therapy sessions.

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