Homemade Chicken Skewers Recipe

In grills, meat (red and white) is usually enjoyed in its various presentations: sausages, ribs, wings, thighs, among other pieces. Of course, the meat can be combined with each other, which leads to preparations such as chicken skewers.

Chicken skewers, a classic

It is very common to accompany skewers with a rich sauce, some vegetables and a good garnish of potatoes or yucca. It consists of a series of small pieces of chicken, inserted in a wooden toothpick and that allow the diner to taste the meat, without excluding the rest of the pieces that are on the grill. 

Chicken skewers

There are those who like to prepare chicken skewers with a special touch : pieces of fruit (such as tomato, pineapple, peach or apple) and they are bathed with thick sauces to enhance the flavor. However, the traditional presentation includes: garlic, onion, tomato and a highly recommended ingredient: soy sauce. Do you dare to try them?

Homemade chicken skewers recipe

With chicken skewers you can enjoy the benefits of this type of meat in a healthy way. It should be noted, first of all, that chicken is a lean meat with high nutritional value. Coinciding with a recent study published in Food & Nutrition Research , poultry meat is a source of:

  • Proteins of high biological value
  • Unsaturated lipids
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamins E and K
  • Minerals such as iron, zinc, and copper

This same publication highlights that there are prospective studies that support the relationship between the consumption of poultry, as part of a balanced diet, and the reduction of the risk of developing cardiovascular (CV) diseases and their risk factors, such as being overweight and resistance to insulin.

Anyway, going back to our main topic, we can say then that, in addition to being delicious, chicken skewers are healthy. They can be consumed both in family gatherings, and occasionally in some of the main meals. 

1. Grilled chicken skewers

In addition to the chicken, the protagonists of this skewer recipe are the peppers. In all its varieties, they are healthy foods that make important contributions to the diet.

For example, a study published in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences highlights that thanks to its active compound, capsaicin, it can help prevent and counteract metabolic syndrome.


  • 1 red pepper (80 g).
  • 2 white onions (215 g).
  • 2 green peppers (150 g).
  • 3 small chicken breasts (375 g).
  • 1 tablespoon of ground black pepper (25 g).
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (30 ml).


  • Start with removing all traces of skin from the breasts and then wash very well. Ready washing, and scurre and proceeds to place on a cutting board.
  • The way you are going to cut the chicken breasts is, preferably in cubes. Almost the same size.
  • The trick with the dressing is simple. Just salt and pepper a little and with your hands stir very well so that the breast pieces are impregnated.
  • Now it is the turn to dice the peppers, similar to those made with the chicken breast. To finish with the vegetables, you do the same with the onion and wait.
  • At this point it is time to order the chicken skewer. With the help of a toothpick, add the peppers, chicken, onion and finally a little salt and pepper.
  • Assemble the skewers and with a drizzle of oil on a griddle, proceed to cook them, little by little, and in all directions.

2. Variant of chicken skewers (barbecued)

Barbecue sauce is an ingredient that adds a lot of flavor to meats. In this case, we combine it with a little black pepper and cherry tomatoes. The result? Simply delicious!


  • 1 tablespoon of salt (25 g).
  • 2 chicken breasts (275 g).
  • 3 tablespoons of barbecue sauce (90 ml).
  • 1 tablespoon of ground black pepper (25 g).
  • 2 cups with cherry tomatoes (200 g).

Chicken and cherry tomato skewers.


  • Start by making sure to remove all the bits of skin that you find on the chicken very well. Then, it will be time for you to wash the breasts very well and leave everything ready to start with this simple recipe.
  • One trick to make the recipe more flavorful is that you should marinate the chicken breasts with plenty of barbecue sauce in a bowl and cover them with aluminum foil for at least 2 hours before cooking.
  • To finish, all that remains is to assemble the skewers with the use of wooden sticks and cherry tomatoes.
  • It should go like this: diced chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, breast and so on until the end.
  • Then, either you pass it on the grill or simply put it in the oven, at 150 ÂșC for 15 minutes.

Still haven’t tried these delicious chicken skewers? Follow the recommendations given for its preparation and be encouraged to share them with your whole family. They will love it!

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