Healthy Snacks For The Whole Family

The snack gives us the necessary energy to face the rest of the afternoon. Therefore, it should include healthy foods rich in nutrients and energy and not fats.

Snack is an important meal as it gives us energy to do the last activities of the afternoon. In addition, at the same time, snacks prevent us from being so hungry at dinner, a time when it would not be convenient to eat too much. In this article we give you some ideas, all healthy, so that you can easily solve your snacks.

What should the snacks contain

As we have already pointed out, the snack is an important meal, since it helps us to have energy to face the afternoon. However, sometimes it is also the time that we take the opportunity to eat foods that we should not, rich in sugars or flours.

However, it should be made up of healthy ingredients that provide us with energy and nutrients. Therefore, today we bring you these healthy and nutrient-packed snack recipes. Are you going to miss them?

Avocado cream with crudités


Avocado is a delicious and very nutritious fruit that should not be missing from our diet. Thus, its creamy texture, thanks to its high content of healthy fats, offers us many options in the kitchen.

One of them is the famous guacamole. However, if we don’t have time, just mash the avocado well and add a little finely chopped garlic, olive oil and salt.

In addition, to accompany it we will cut strips of cucumber and carrot. These two vegetables are rich in water and antioxidants. This original snack can be prepared an hour before. However, then we will also add a few drops of lemon juice so that it does not oxidize and maintains its green color.

Fruit salad

One way to eat fruit, especially if it is not very appetizing, is to prepare a fruit salad or fruit salad. In addition, we can leave it prepared in the fridge in enough quantity to be served and accompany it with juice or yogurt, to our liking.

We can also add some dates or prunes, both very healthy, nutritious and rich in fiber. This snack is quite light and can be ideal to take if we are going to spend the rest of the day in a relaxed way. We can also prepare it when we have not eaten fruit during the day.

Fresh cheese toasts with quince

For those who want a more consistent snack or are used to eating something with carbohydrates, we recommend this original recipe. You can prepare it with whole wheat toast (rye, spelled, cereal) or rice or corn pancakes accompanied by a slice of fresh cheese and a slice of quince.

We will love the combination of flavors. In addition, it is a snack that will leave us well satiated if, for example, we still have to do some important exercise or even if we want to eat a small amount. At the same time it will provide us with important nutrients for our health such as calcium or fiber. In this way, we will have energy while we take care of ourselves.

Fruit shake

Strawberry milkshake

For those who do not enjoy fruit, there is still a simpler and equally healthy snack option: fruit smoothies. Even people who don’t usually eat fruit can enjoy these recipes.

To do this, we will beat some fruit (apple, pear, banana, strawberry, pineapple, papaya, mango, etc.) with a vegetable drink (for example, oatmeal or rice), a little honey and, if we wish, with a little cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, coconut or vanilla extract. The result will be delicious and we will want to take it even at other times of the day.

Cottage cheese with walnuts and honey

For dairy lovers, in addition to fresh cheese, we recommend cottage cheese, since from the afternoon it is healthier to avoid cured or too high-fat cheeses. This is because it usually costs us more to digest.

In this case, we present a very simple and traditional snack. In addition, it provides us with numerous nutrients and antioxidants such as calcium, vitamins (such as E, A or K) and healthy fats. All in all, this snack is quite consistent, so we do not recommend taking it in large quantities.

Integral Catalan sandwich

Pa Amb Tomàquet

For those who cannot do without sandwiches, we give you two basic tips:

  1. Always choose quality whole grain breads, with seeds or cereals.
  2. Try the recipe for the typical Catalan sandwich. This consists of spreading or rubbing the bread with half a raw tomato until it is well moistened and then seasoning it with quality olive oil. Later, we can add the content we want, but in this way there will always be a juicy and very tasty sandwich.

Vegetable drinks with cocoa

There are many people, especially children, used to drinking chocolate milk for a snack. To make this drink healthier, we recommend preparing it at home as follows:

  • Substitute cow’s milk for oatmeal, almond or rice drink.
  • Add pure cocoa powder and a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla extract.
  • Sweeten it with honey, agave syrup, cereal molasses, or brown sugar.

We hope that after seeing these delicious recipes you will be encouraged to prepare them at home. They are healthy and will provide you with more nutrients than some traditional snacks. However, remember to vary your snacks and not abuse the consumption of any of these foods. Anything in excess is bad. In addition, these should be part of a balanced diet and a healthy, non-sedentary lifestyle.

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