Fruits And Plants That Can Promote Weight Loss

To maintain an adequate weight it is necessary to have a healthy life. Which means that a proper and balanced diet must be maintained, avoiding abusive and high fat intake. In addition to this, you should practice physical exercise regularly. There are even fruits and plants that can stimulate the loss of adipose tissue.

However, if you are overweight, it is advisable that you go to the nutritionist to recommend the diet that best suits your lifestyle. Additionally and always under medical supervision, you can eat fruits and plants that can promote weight loss. The reason is that they can help us maintain this balanced diet, in order to improve our health and, therefore, our quality of life.

Fruits and plants to promote weight loss

Plants and fruits that can promote weight loss should always be taken under medical supervision. In no case, should they be considered as a substitute for your diet, but rather as a supplement that helps maintain a balanced diet.


It is purifying and its medicinal properties are very noticeable in the digestive system. It has been used as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, due to its ability to activate bile secretion. There is evidence that they are also capable of exerting a protective activity on the liver.



The studies that have been satisfactory in relation to alfalfa and its impact on the digestive system have been developed mainly in ruminant animals.

Therefore, it is popularly believed, like the artichoke, it also has cleansing properties, helping to improve digestive problems. It helps regulate the appetite, since it leaves a feeling of satiety, preventing you from feeling hungry at all times.

Among other things, this plant has been popularly baptized as an ally of metabolic health. Not only does it reduce the risk of overweight and obesity, but it also has an antidiabetic effect that favors blood glucose control.

Even in studies done in mice it has been determined that its extracts can reduce high levels of sugar in the blood by increasing the release of insulin in the pancreas. 

Pineapple or pineapple


In this case, what is used is the stem of the fruit. Pineapple is recommended in the event that excess weight is caused by fluid retention. On the other hand, it can also be effective in treating cases of cellulite.

It should be noted that pineapple generates an improvement in digestive processes due to the enzymes it contains in its composition. These are capable of breaking down the structure of proteins allowing easier assimilation and absorption, which reduces the risk of gastric discomfort.


This seaweed works by helping to improve metabolism and causing a great feeling of satiety. This occurs due to the high water content it has. The algae known as fucus is a powerful laxative.


The caffeine that this plant contributes to the body helps accelerate the burning of fats, thus increasing cellular metabolism. This is evidenced by a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Anyway you have to be careful with the consumption of foods or drinks with caffeine. There is a dose from which the alkaloid becomes toxic, generating negative effects on health. It is also capable of causing tolerance, so that progressively higher doses are needed to achieve the same effect.


According to popular belief, papaya is helpful in stimulating digestion. It is believed that this way the assimilation of all nutrients is facilitated. In addition, it contributes to the rapid elimination of substances that the body no longer needs. 

Keep in mind that this fruit also contains enzymes capable of stimulating proteolysis, in the same way as pineapple. This achieves a more efficient assimilation of proteins, which leads to lighter digestions and less risk of stomach pain.

Horse tail

This plant has a powerful diuretic effect, it is very useful when weight problems are caused by fluid retention. However, before ingesting it, consult your nutritionist. In the cases of individuals suffering from kidney disease, the consumption of this herb may not be indicated.

Include fruits and plants to lose weight

Do not forget that these are simply aids or supplements that can be very useful when it comes to promoting weight loss. You already know that, in addition, you must exercise frequently, consume healthy foods, including good amounts of fruits and vegetables. It also helps to drink a lot of water and, above all, to change lifestyle habits.

Regular physical exercise and proper rest promote the loss of adipose tissue, which has a positive effect on health in the medium and long term.

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