Foods That Help To Have A Good Intestinal Transit

Consume fiber daily and drink plenty of water to facilitate transit and prioritize the consumption of fruits and vegetables over meat. Supplement your diet with exercise

If you regularly suffer from constipation, you will be interested in our article. We tell you what foods could help you improve this problem and have a good intestinal transit.

Of course, in addition to incorporating these foods into your regular diet, it would be important that you take care of your diet in general, drink enough water and do regular physical exercise. Remember that the combination of these factors will allow you to feel and look better.

Food for a good intestinal transit

According to data from the United States National Library of Medicine, the normal intestinal transit time would be less than 72 hours, this is from when the food enters the mouth and reaches the end of the intestine. When this time is exceeded, we speak of constipation.


The orange would increase resistance against infections due to its vitamin C content. It also provides sodium, potassium and magnesium, components that would help strengthen muscles. Its intake is usually recommended to prevent constipation due to its fiber content (2g / 100g).


According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, the composition of grapes varies according to their type. However, in general, they are considered to be high in carbohydrates. For this reason, they would provide a lot of energy.

Luckily, these are easily assimilated carbohydrates that make grapes a good option to gain energy without overloading the stomach and favoring a good intestinal transit.


The artichoke is recommended for the elimination of liquids, due to its proven diuretic effect. In addition, it is attributed digestive properties and stands out for its fiber content, a substance that would help prevent constipation.


Foods that cleanse the colon

If there is a food considered diuretic, it is celery. A 2017 study has proven this effect, as well as its antioxidant properties that would help fight free radicals, preventing different diseases.

On the other hand, it is a low-calorie vegetable that provides different nutrients such as potassium, flavonoids, flavonols and flavones, as well as water.


The tomato has a high level of vitamin C, which serves as an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system. It also has vitamin A, a fundamental substance for maintaining visual health, and lycopene, another antioxidant compound related to the good general functioning of the body. On the other hand, it is believed that it would be good for preventing both constipation and diarrhea.


Lemon also has vitamin C, like other citrus fruits, and interesting levels of antioxidants that would contribute to maintaining a healthy immune system and also a good intestinal transit.


Foods that cleanse the colon

According to data from WebMD, the apple would help lower cholesterol levels, in addition to having antioxidant functions. It is recommended for moments of anxiety since it provides satiety. In addition, it would help relieve constipation, the main factor that prevents the proper process of releasing toxins in the body.


The onion has an antibacterial function that would help protect the digestive system and promote blood circulation. It is also a source of fiber and has vitamin C.

Green Tea

Green tea for a good intestinal transit

Currently, millions of people around the world consume green tea because of its potential for health. Several studies have indicated its diuretic property that is associated with its caffeine content.

By having a catechin called EGGG, it is attributed an antioxidant effect that would help prevent cell damage and inflammation. For this reason, it is considered advisable in case of inflammation and fluid retention, in addition to being maintained that it would help maintain good digestive health.

If you have intestinal transit problems, consult your doctor. Surely you should modify your eating and life habits to improve this condition.

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