Eggplant And Lemon Water: How To Prepare It And When To Use It?

Popular folklore holds that aubergine and lemon water would help you lose weight, but what is true in this premise? Next, we will analyze the properties of both foods and whether or not there is a scientific basis to support this claim.

Keep in mind that, beyond a miracle remedy, the key to losing weight lies in building healthy lifestyle habits. Exercise and a proper diet make a difference.

Does eggplant help you lose weight?


Eggplant is often incorporated into weight loss diets due to its low energy value. In fact, according to data from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, its main component is water.

In addition, it provides 1.2g of fiber per 100g, which can help us feel satiated after ingesting it. Remember that fiber swells when mixed with gastric juices, increasing the feeling of satiety, as a 2013 study points out.

On the other hand, among the most outstanding benefits of eggplant we can find the following:

  • It would help us improve our circulation, especially due to its anthocyanin content. An antioxidant that would prevent heart disease, based on Food and Nutrition Research data .
  • The eggplant would be diuretic, due to its great contribution of water.
  • It has a high content of potassium (214mg / 100g) and some sodium (2mg / 100), allies for the nervous and cardiovascular system
  • It would help control blood sugar levels due to its polyphenols and fiber content.
  • It could help us lower cholesterol, since it would help to absorb the fats from the foods that are eaten with it, at least on the basis of ancient studies in animals.
  • Eggplant has a high fiber content, which would help prevent constipation.

How to prepare aubergine water with lemon?

Combined with lemon, eggplant water can be very useful for weight loss.

If your goal is to lose weight, consult your doctor. No one better than him to help you design a diet that meets your nutritional and energy needs. The recipe for aubergine water with lemon that we share with you below can be an ally of the diet recommended by the nutritionist.

1. Ingredients

  • An aubergine of a medium size. If it is organically grown, much better.
  • A lemon also of medium size, not excessively ripe.
  • A liter of water.
  • A large glass jug.

2. How do I prepare it?

  • The first thing we will do is clean the eggplant well. To do this, we will wash it with a little apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. In this way, all kinds of toxins and pesticide residues are eliminated. Finally we drain it with water.
  • Now we cut the eggplant into slices. They will be more or less than a centimeter and a half thick (skin included).
  • The next step is to put it inside the glass jar. We will put a sheet inside another, and then drop the liter of water.
  • Now we get the lemon juice. Once ready we add it to our jug. We stir everything well with a long spoon and take it to the refrigerator.

This preparation will have to spend a whole night in the fridge. In this way, the aubergine will release its juice with all its properties. These, in addition, will be much more enhanced thanks to the lemon, which will also give it a more pleasant flavor.

3. Aubergine and lemon water to lose weight?

Eggplant water with lemon


The reality is that there are no studies that support the relationship of ingesting eggplant and lemon water with weight loss. However, knowing the diuretic action of eggplant and knowing that staying well hydrated would help increase metabolism and the feeling of fullness, this drink could help you eat fewer calories and therefore contribute to your weight loss.

In general, it is recommended to drink this water throughout the day. To give you an idea, we show you a simple example of how you could drink the eggplant and lemon water:

  • For breakfast, have a glass of aubergine water with lemon and, in addition, a cup with oatmeal and an apple.
  • During lunch, drink a glass of lemon and eggplant water before eating. You can add a salad with spinach, walnuts, low-fat cheese and pineapple, as well as a baked chicken breast with a drizzle of lemon.
  • In the middle of the afternoon, have a glass of aubergine water with lemon.
  • For dinner, drink a glass of eggplant water. You can eat some boiled artichokes with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar. Also have a lettuce salad, chopped lettuce, cherry tomato, papaya, walnuts with olive oil and a little lemon juice.

As you can see with this simple example, we have drunk a liter of aubergine and lemon juice water. If we take it before meals, it will act not only as satiating, but by reaching the stomach earlier it would help us digest fats better.

Include eggplant and lemon water in the diet

Of course, we advise you to visit a nutritionist to properly plan your diet and get regular exercise. One hour a day is enough, whether it’s going out for a walk, cycling, or doing simple exercises at home.

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