Does The Moon Affect Our Life?

Did you know that the cycles of the moon significantly modify our personality, our mood and our mood?  It is said that the natural satellite of the earth influences childhood and not only physically but also emotionally throughout life. Learn more about it in the following article.

The Moon is more than the only satellite of our planet, it is a great mystery in several ways. He “walks” as if nothing were around us and he is there, every night, showing his same side. The tides, for example, are influenced by it, but also our desires, instincts and moods.

It also exerts a great influence on the psyche, the nature and the development of plants; it is present throughout our existence and it is necessary to know a little more about it to take advantage of its benefits.

Research from the University of Basel, Switzerland, indicates that the moon has a great influence on the perception of sleep, since it can be subjective or objective according to the lunar cycle. Therefore, the days that are closest to the full moon, brain activity related to deep sleep decreases by 30%, it takes longer to fall asleep and less time is asleep.

Different changes according to the lunar cycle

What is described below does not have a scientific basis as such, but are beliefs around the lunar cycle. Therefore, it may or may not work to use the changes of the lunar cycle to carry out certain actions, as outlined below.


Depending on the position of the moon, its influence can be manifested in one way or another:

new Moon

This occurs when the satellite is in conjunction with the sun and a new cycle begins, it is ideal to start with new purposes. This applies not only to future projects, but also to quitting smoking, fasting, starting a diet, or detoxing from alcohol.

On the psychological level:

Meditate before bed

  •  The mind has more self-control and is more serene to be able to overcome deficiencies due to changes in habits and eliminate excesses more easily.
  • It also serves to meditate.
  • Prune diseased trees or plants.
  • Cut the hair if accelerated growth is desired.
  • It is not good for waxing because the hair will grow faster.
  • Also, the new moon is ideal for exploring the hidden places of consciousness.

This phase lasts between 2 and 3 days nothing more.

Crescent Moon

When the luminosity of the moon increases, the body also “absorbs” everything faster or in greater quantity. In this phase, the body assimilates any substance or event in a different way, which is why it is excellent to start a vitamin diet. Be careful because it is also a risky period to gain weight (unless that is the goal).

The crescent moon is good for recovering from deficiencies, although it is true that if we consume something in quantity, the body will resist a little to return to normal.

That is why during these days:

  • Drinking too much alcohol is not advised because its effects can be even more harmful.
  • If you want more hair and nail growth, it’s time to cut them.
  • Applying ointments, gels or creams to regenerate the skin is very good since the dermis is more receptive.
  • Detoxes can be more difficult and persistent.

This phase lasts about 13 days and activities that revitalize or strengthen are recommended.

Regarding the economy:

  • It is said that it is good for applying for a loan, looking for a job, selling or investing.
  • It is also convenient to make contracts, links or associations.
  • Fruit trees should not be pruned.

full moon

Relationship of the moon phase with childbirth.

It occurs when the moon in opposition to the sun is full of light. Body tissues are subjected to great pressure and can also cause distancing of feelings. This means that the instinctive side of the human being is “awakened” (that is why werewolves appear on a full moon according to popular belief). The body can retain more fluids and tends to swell more easily. You need to pay attention to what you drink or what you eat. The sensations, emotions and feelings will be “on the surface” and psychosomatic disorders may appear, increase sleep disturbances, suffer insomnia, nightmares or more colorful, real and intense dreams.

During the full moon phase it is NOT recommended:

  • Start weight loss diets and watch out for medication side effects.

It’s recommended:

  • Prevent headaches, which can be severe.
  • Also, keep a sense of humor, don’t take it all too hard or start arguments.

    It lasts a few hours and its effect is really remarkable, for example:

    1. the wounds bleed more, also the menstruation of the women. 
    2.  Doing elective surgery can be risky.
    3. It is common for people to be more aggressive.
    4. Everything that is undertaken 6 hours before and 6 hours later is believed to be successful.
    5. Childbirth and nerve-related diseases are increasing.
    6. Those with fine hair can cut it short in this cycle.

    waning moon

    dusk with waning moon

    The body “detaches” itself from what is left over, being ideal for expending a lot of energy accumulated in the preceding phases. Fat and liquid can be removed more easily. It is a good time to start detoxification or purification cures, reduce swelling and irritation.

    • It is advisable to do activities that require effort and endurance.
    • drink more water to flush out all the bad stuff
    • Start diets.
    • Cut nails and hair.
    • Remove warts.
    • Remove spots and treat scars.
    • Dental treatments and surgeries are more successful.
    • In addition, it is time to plant and prune trees that bear fruit, plant vegetables and tubers.
    • As for the sentimental, it serves to end a relationship or conclude a partnership.

    In short, if you believe in the lunar cycle, its phases and its changes, then you can use it to carry out certain actions. But remember: there is no scientific basis to support these changes.

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