Delicious Galician Octopus, Homemade Recipe

With the preparations that come from fish and shellfish, special consideration must be taken. And it is that they are so healthy for the organism, in addition to being tasty, that it is simply impossible to ignore the importance they have for the food diet. Today, you will learn the Galician octopus recipe .

You already know you have to pay close attention to the details, not only about the Galician octopus recipe (which is relevant) but also to the tips and nutritional data that you get with these types of ingredients.

In this sense, what makes this seafood preparation so exceptional is the nutritional contribution you get. Coinciding with a study published in 2012, this type of food provides polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Discover the traditional Galician octopus recipe

As Wikipedia reports , Galician octopus is a typical festive dish of Galician gastronomy. To make this recipe correctly, you have to follow a procedure that is quite curious. In Galicia it is called “scare” and basically refers to the fact that the octopus has to be cooked three times.

That is, the octopus is introduced into the pot (preferably copper). It is left for a few seconds and is removed. And so it is repeated up to three times. The goal is to tenderize the octopus meat so that it tastes much better. In addition, this technique allows the animal to keep its fur.

Today it is served as a tapa and enjoys great fame in Spain and the world. So, you are already aware of all the details and curiosities about this traditional Galician recipe. It only remains that you dare and start preparing it yourself. Let’s see how it works out for you.

Galician octopus recipe

Galician octopus


  • 1 whole octopus (about 2 kilos)
  • 5 large potatoes (1 kg, approx.)
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil (60 ml)
  • 3 tablespoons of Maldon salt (45 g)
  • 1 tablespoon of paprika (15 g)


  1. Heat water in a large pot. It is important that it really be large and spacious. If not, the octopus will not fit and it will be quite an annoying glitch.
  2. When you notice that the water is about to boil, it will be time to “scare” the octopus.
  3. Do not worry, remember that it is to introduce and remove it three times, in intervals of a few seconds, approximately 5 for each submerged.
  4. Then, leave the octopus in the pot with boiling water for 40 minutes.
  5. After time, you will let it rest, and cool for 5 minutes, without touching it.
  6. Then drain very well until almost completely dry.
  7. Cut the legs of the octopus and boil them in another pot, this one a little smaller, for 20 minutes.
  8. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them into four parts.
  9. Cook the potatoes in another small saucepan with salt.
  10. Almost to finish, cut the remainder of the octopus with a cooking scissors. The pieces should not exceed 3 centimeters. This way they will fit perfectly on the plate when serving.
  11. Finally, serve the octopus on a wooden plate and sprinkle with the paprika and Maldon salt and finish with a drizzle of olive oil.

Do you dare to try this dish? If you want something completely different to surprise your guests, be sure to try it. However, make sure you buy the octopus from a reliable source, as it is one of the seafood products with a high risk of contamination.

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