Coconut Water, Help For Hypothyroidism

Do you suffer from hypothyroidism?  This is undoubtedly a very common disease, in which patients are subjected to long treatment and medication to correct this deficit in the thyroid gland. They are a type of autoimmune disorders that almost always require a long process where drugs must be combined with a change in lifestyle. Coconut water can be one of them.

Is it possible to cure hypothyroidism? Of course, there are many patients who have managed to get their thyroid to produce thyroid hormone at the proper levels again. However, it requires some effort, motivation and knowing how to combine medical treatment with small daily remedies.

Do you know, for example, that coconut water could be a good complement to medical treatment to stimulate an underactive thyroid? Discover all the information with us.

The benefits of coconut water for the thyroid

First of all, if you suffer from the symptoms of hypothyroidism, it is essential to see a doctor so that he can recommend an appropriate treatment. The benefits of coconut water for the thyroid are widespread, but more studies are needed to support them.

If you have hypothyroidism, it is common for you to suffer from many of these symptoms:

  • Weight gain.
  • Headaches.
  • Insomnia.
  • Hair loss.
  • Dry Skin.
  • Very sensitive to cold, or always having cold hands and feet.
  • Almost constant tiredness.
  • Muscle pains.
  • Urine infections.
  • Constipation.

All these dimensions are undoubtedly associated with that gland that is not capable of secreting enough thyroid hormone to regulate all these basic functions with which to lead a normal life.

Now, to counteract these effects and allow this gland to function optimally again, it is necessary to follow the existing medication for it, and that the doctors will undoubtedly have prescribed.

Even so, there are many people who have begun to introduce coconut water into their diet to counteract the associated consequences, such as that annoying weight gain, or a fatigue that prevents us from living the life of before.

1. Coconut water regulates thyroid function

One of the best properties of coconut water, and even oil, is to regulate the function of the thyroid hormone. Its natural enzymes stimulate an underactive thyroid, while if it is overstimulated, they will also regulate it.

However, thanks to its properties to moderate our weight or intestinal and digestive functions, it is usually applied, especially for people with hypothyroidism.

2. Coconut water strengthens our immune system

Coconut water is very rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. All this could help to avoid those infections that you usually suffer from due to the lack of thyroid hormone that you have in your metabolism. It can support you against fatigue and you will feel stronger, while you can strengthen your natural defenses.

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3. Coconut water fights oxidative stress

When we suffer from hypothyroidism, many of our cells oxidize more quickly due to this hormonal deficit. All this makes us process food worse, our skin appears drier and less elastic, we suffer from liver problems. ..

Combining the medication with coconut water will help you increase the dose of antioxidants and, thanks to this, we will also achieve that the thyroid hormone is synthesized more frequently. It is worth keeping in mind.

4. Coconut water hydrates us


Having dry skin, fatigue, headache … All of this is due to that alteration of the thyroid that hinders some of our basic functions. If we drink between two or three glasses of water every day , you will be able to hydrate your body very adequately.

5. Coconut water nourishes nails, hair and skin

Coconut water is a great remineralizer, it is very rich in mineral salts capable of stimulating the health of our hair, nails and skin.

6. Coconut water improves our digestion

When we suffer from hypothyroidism our digestions are heavier, we bloat, suffer fluid retention, constipation … Do not hesitate, drink between two and three glasses of coconut water a day and you will benefit from its rich natural bioactive enzymes, such as acid phosphatase or peroxidase, excellent mediators for our digestions.

7. Coconut water to lose weight

Thanks to its digestive properties, its benefits to activate slow metabolism and its virtues as a toxin cleanser, coconut water is the ideal remedy to combine with a proper diet to lose weight. It offers very good results.

How should I drink coconut water to treat hypothyroidism?

  • Drink two to three glasses of coconut water a day, after your meals, for 20 days. Rest 10 and start over.
  • If you want, you can also try the coconut oil option . It is just as beneficial. To do this, you must buy it in organic stores where they assure you that it has been produced naturally. It must be kept cold and we will take a tablespoon, every day, in the morning. Coconut oil speeds up metabolism and stimulates thyroid hormone production. It’s fantastic.

Now you know the benefits attributed to coconut water. Still, you shouldn’t use it as a substitute for medical treatment.

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