Coconut Oil Oral Care: Is It Effective?

Lauric acid is characterized by having an antibacterial effect capable of protecting the skin from germs, bacteria or fungi.

Coconut oil is one of the most used natural products for skin care, among other benefits, thanks to its multiple effects. Among its properties, the presence of lauric acid stands out, which together with the numerous saturated fatty acids can be considered the most relevant ingredient in coconut oil.

Lauric acid is characterized by having an antibacterial effect capable of protecting the skin from germs, bacteria or fungi. It is important to be clear that coconut oil is not a natural miracle product, however, it can help protect against these microorganisms and help maintain certain body hygiene.

There are certain chemical products that, in many cases, have natural alternatives. One of these products is mouthwash.

Most brands include alcohol among their ingredients, which can cause some discomfort. But there are other products that can replace mouthwash, such as coconut oil, due to its natural properties.

The importance of maintaining oral health

It is important to maintain constant and daily care in the mouth. Both teeth and gums require regular cleaning in order to avoid possible diseases such as gingivitis or tooth decay.

Nowadays, due to the increasing consumption of foods with sugar, as well as maintaining a type of diet that is poor in nutrients, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the attack of bacteria and germs in the mouth. The oral flora, if it is not properly maintained, can lose its balance causing the disappearance of its defenses.

Under these conditions, bacteria can grow practically freely. As a result of its proliferation, problems such as gum inflammation and enamel destruction will appear.  In many cases, certain complications of these diseases can lead to tooth loss.

Therefore, regularly brushing your teeth is essential to keep them free of bacteria that can be dangerous. Also, making regular visits to the dentist will help prevent these problems from occurring.

Natural treatment with coconut oil

There are several forms in which coconut oil can be found:

  • Combined with chemicals that offer to increase the benefits of the oil.
  • Naturally, without mixing with other products.
  • Combined with other natural oils or natural derivatives, such as aloe vera.

The ideal is to try coconut oil that is totally natural or in any case, find it mixed with some other natural elements. It is advisable to avoid, as far as possible, the presence of any chemical.

When applying the treatment, first place the product on the toothbrush. Brush them well for about 10 minutes and finally rinse with water. Continue cleaning your mouth as normal, using toothpaste and dental floss.

Benefits of coconut oil in the mouth

Helps reduce bad breath

Halitosis is a disease caused by many different factors, one of the main ones being the excessive use of chemicals. It can also be due to genetic causes, as well as bacteria that appear from poor oral cleaning and gases generated by certain foods.

It is estimated that 50% of the population may have suffered from this problem. Coconut oil helps to naturally eliminate bacteria and leave a fresher breath  thanks to its antibacterial properties, as this research from the Alas Peruanas University points out.

Helps prevent inflammation in the gums and mouth

Gingivitis is the gum’s inflammation. It occurs when the immune system begins to attack the bacteria concentrated in the gums.

Coconut oil works in two ways, the first is to help fight the bacteria that are causing the problem. The second is by reducing inflammation, helping to repair damage more quickly and leaving a light protective layer.

At the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Daniel Alcides CarriĆ³n National University, Peru, a study was carried out that concluded that coconut oil is a beneficial treatment for the health of our gums.

coconut cream in spoon

Help lighten teeth

It is estimated that a year you can spend about 2 million dollars on products focused on teeth lightening. The problem is that the desired results are not always obtained and the chemicals that enter our mouth could cause side effects.

It is said that coconut oil could help combat this circumstance naturally thanks to its properties. It is recommended to use the product with the recommendation of a specialist. However, at the moment there is no scientific evidence to show that coconut oil can help lighten teeth.

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