Brutally Honest Truths Of Love You Should Know

Knowing some truths about love is important so as not to fall under the influence of wrong beliefs about it. Love It is a wonderful feeling that fills your heart when it comes into your life. However, you have probably already realized that it really is not how it is painted in fairy tales. 

It is normal that along the way you encounter certain difficulties that you must learn to deal with so that the relationship survives over time. 

7 truths about love you should know

Sometimes we have naive thoughts about love and relationships. In fact, these beliefs are at the base of many conflicts that occur within the couple. Here we will tell you some truths about love that you may be interested in knowing.

1. Truths about love: nobody is perfect

As much as you want to believe otherwise, it is important to understand that no one is perfect. What usually makes you see your partner that way is the love you feel.  Over time you will get to know him better and you will realize that there are certain things that you do not quite like.

This is one of the most difficult truths about love to accept. In fact, noticing does not mean that you are losing love, but  that you are getting to know each of its facets better.

2. It is difficult to change a person

Another truth about love is that no one is going to change if they really don’t want to. Therefore, it is obvious that the change of your partner will not depend on you.

Love relationships should be based on acceptance, respect, and understanding. For love to last, it is important that you understand that what is important to you may not be so important to your partner.  This has a lot to do with the fact that no one is perfect. Ideally, both of you manage to be flexible and you can give a little in your way of being to find the balance.

3. You must be clear about whether it is love or desire to be accompaniedCouple-lying-in-bed-with-problems

Like your partner, you too have flaws and virtues. In fact, these are what make you who you are. Therefore, if your partner does not have the ability to accept you with your flaws, then they do not deserve your virtues.  However, the fact that he doesn’t like your flaws or you don’t like his is not a synonym that the relationship should end. It is about that there must be a sufficient level of acceptance that allows both of you to live together and enjoy the things that you do like about the other.

5. You can never truly love someone if you don’t love yourself

One of the great truths about love. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to truly love someone else. The way you carry the relationship you have with yourself is the way you will relate to the people around you.  When you do not have the ability to accept yourself with your strengths and weaknesses, you invite others to judge you or want to change what is in you.

Self-love gives you the ability to accept yourself as you are, respect yourself, be upright and recognize your worth. When you have all of this, you can feel a much more complete person and happy.  Then you are able to project all these good things onto the beings you love.

6. You must be with someone who motivates you to be better


It will always be a good thing to have someone by your side to help you recharge your energy and the desire to move on when your strength is running out.  Having a partner who inspires you to do your best and gives you that little push you need to get out of your comfort zone is something we all need.  This allows you to try new things that help you grow as an individual, always giving your best.

7. Sometimes you have to leave a partner who does not suit you to find the right person

One of the most difficult truths about love to accept and that is hardest to carry out. While the saying “he who perseveres succeeds” applies to many aspects of your life, when it comes to your relationship it may not be such a good idea. 

In love, what really matters is that every day you discover that you are giving to the same extent that you are receiving. Sometimes we can hold on to a person because we believe that we will not find anyone else . The problem is that, if you close yourself too much, you may be missing the opportunity to find the right person.

Truths about love to avoid disappointment

In summary, it is important to be attentive and analyze the beliefs that guide us when formalizing a relationship. In fact, many people have the wrong thoughts about love, what a relationship entails, and life as a couple. There are some truths about love that we must know to adjust our expectations, and avoid conflict and disappointment.

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