Benefits Of Honey For Hair

Thanks to its moisturizing properties and its antibacterial nature, honey can help us to restore our hair and provide it with extra vitamins and minerals, as well as shine

It is possible that from honey you only know the innumerable nutritional properties it provides for health. However, the benefits of honey include hair care.

In any case, it is a superfood that provides a large amount of nutrients for the body. It is good sugar, (Fructose). In addition, it is ideal to combat the damage that hair suffers daily. It is a product that offers excellent results.

Therefore, we will tell you some of the benefits that your hair can obtain with this viscous material.

Discover the benefits of honey for the care of your hair

More vitamins and minerals

Honey translates into vitamins and minerals for the hair, and is very suitable for achieving stronger, healthier and shinier hair. In stores you can find beauty treatments whose main base is honey.

However, these products can also be prepared at home, using honey directly or mixing it with other ingredients that can enhance its properties.

The objective of each treatment will always be to counteract the factors that damage the hair, such as:

  • Humidity
  • Sun
  • Stress
  • Heating elements (iron or dryer)

You will see how the benefits of honey will be noticed more quickly with homemade products.

Honey and hair types

Benefits of honey for hair

There are numerous types of treatments depending on the type of hair. We assure you that none will harm you and the result will always be positive. Remember that you should not wait for your hair to be at its worst to take care of it.

Honey adds shine and acts in any circumstance. Here are some recipes that you can make according to your hair type.

For damaged hair


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 3 tablespoons of honey (75 g)
  • 1 avocado

What should you do?

  • In a container you must mix all the ingredients until they are well compacted.
  • Apply it all over your hair and let it work for between 6 and 30 minutes.
  • Then, remove it with plenty of hot water, at a temperature you can bear. Repeat the procedure at least twice a week.

For dry hair


  • 1 cup of honey (340 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (32 g)

What should you do?

  • Mix both products well.
  • Apply to clean hair and massage for several minutes. The massage should be gentle, trying to press the scalp to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Leave the product for 20 minutes or more and rinse with warm water.

    For hair loss


    • 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon (5 g)
    • 3 teaspoons of olive oil (15 g)
    • 3 teaspoons of honey (21 g)

    What should you do?

    • Mix all the products well and apply to the scalp. It is not necessary to intervene the ends of the hair.
    • Massage gently for 5 or 10 minutes and remove with shampoo and water.

    This treatment is used primarily to reactivate hair growth. Therefore, bald people can use it without any problem.

    For split ends

    split ends


    • 1 cup of honey (340 g)

    What should you do?

    • Apply the pure honey all over your hair to strengthen the strands.
    • Let the treatment act for 20 minutes. Ideally, you can use heat to activate the hair follicles.

      This treatment will nourish the hair and promote the regeneration of the parts affected by the environment. It will also restore shine.

      Hair without grease and without extraneous agents

      The benefits of honey will allow you to achieve ideal hair. We already said that honey can be enhanced with other products and the one that makes a very good pair is lemon.

      Lemon is perfect for regulating the pH of the hair, in this way it will act directly on the agents that cause grease. In addition, mixed with honey, it provides softness and shine to give it a strong and healthy appearance.

      Here is a home remedy that you can put into practice if you have greasy hair problems.


      • 4 tablespoons of honey (100 g)
      • Juice of 2 lemons

      What should you do?

      • Mix the two substances until you get a homogeneous and pasty consistency.
      • Apply to the scalp with your fingertips and use to massage.
      • 3 minutes is enough for the treatment to take effect. Remove with water.

        This treatment will give your hair more shine and remove one more worry: the grease will disappear.

        These are just some treatments that you can apply in your day to day. They are non-invasive, chemical free, and natural. That, without a doubt, is the most important thing.

        Do you want one last tip? Do not wait for your hair to present problems : spoil it so that it looks the way you like it and above all you take advantage of all the benefits of honey to take care of your hair.

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