8 Things Socially Intelligent People Never Do

Do you consider yourself a socially intelligent person or do you know someone who possesses this quality? We will tell you what its main characteristics are in the next article.

Socially intelligent people fulfill a series of characteristics that allow them to stand out above the rest. They know how to communicate, both physically and emotionally.

And it is that true social intelligence comes from the confidence and understanding that you have of yourself, allowing you to reach a point where you can interact with others in a mature and effective way. Let’s go deeper.

What are socially intelligent people like?

Thoughtful woman.

1. They never interrupt the interlocutor

Socially intelligent people are often excellent conversation partners. They  they do not feel the need to have to speak before someone else, or to interrupt when the other is talking about something important.

They simply wait quietly for their turn to intervene. They do not have the anxiety of forcing their point of view because they are sure of their position. They know that it is not necessary to state their opinion before others for it to have value.

2. They don’t always focus on themselves

Socially intelligent people know that they are important and they work to improve and advance. They understand  that your interpersonal relationships require your attention and time, so  define habits and customs for their friends, partner and family, but also, for themselves.

They have the ability to understand  that they are not the center of the world while still feeling valuable. They are the kind of people who will be by your side when you need their support, but who will know how to say “no” when necessary.

3. They do not judge others to show that they are right

A good sign of emotional and intellectual maturity is understanding the differences that you can have with others. When judging  to other people in order to impose personal ideas or opinions about something, it only prevents people from feeling comfortable and wanting to share their point of view.

The ideal is to be a more open and receptive person, without needing to have the same opinion as others.

4. They do not seek to change the opinion of others

8 things socially intelligent people never do

This is a great skill of socially intelligent people. The feelings of others are just that, feelings. For this reason it is important that you address them with respect and patience .

When the opinions of others are maturely understood and opinions can be expressed with respect, situations become healthier, more productive, and more peaceful. You don’t need to make others feel inferior to show that your opinions are important too.

5. They are calm and know how to use their voice

Being assertive is really the best way to deal with the problems you face in life. Anger and passive aggression disguised as assertiveness often bring more problems than solutions.

Socially intelligent people they have the security of expressing what they want They know that listening and engaging in conversation with confidence and purpose is the right way to engage with those around them.

6. They are less critical

Many people who call themselves “antisocial” tend to criticize constantly to those around him and even to themselves.

Socially intelligent people often accept that everyone, no matter what they appear on the outside, has many qualities, both positive and negative to offer.

Those who know how to relate to others get the best out of their behaviors as well as external ones.  This is because they have a higher degree of self-confidence and seek to take advantage of every situation that comes their way.

7. They don’t over-analyze how they interact with others

Thinking too much about what your relationships are like prevents you from enjoying them . Therefore, it is important that you avoid predisposing yourself to how your interactions with other people will be.

You can turn this habit to your advantage if, instead of focusing on all possible bad outcomes, you approach your interactions with a positive attitude.   Even when it comes to relationships where things haven’t turned out quite right, you might be surprised.

8. They have good body language

Happy friends chatting

When you are in a social relationship, the position your body is in sends a message to others. Socially intelligent people make sure the message your body sends is positive .

When you make eye contact with others and you smile You show others that you are kind, open and not at all intimidating. If, in addition to this, you place yourself in a straight posture, others will notice that you are a confident person.

Relationships must be reciprocal

Waiting for others to contact you and invite you to activities is a waste of time. Socially intelligent people know that social relationships are based on mutual effort.

If you want to show those around you that you care, you must take the initiative and do your part to connect with them . You can do this simply by:

  • You keep in touch through calls or texts
  • Visits to your friends
  • You organize a meeting

Although some people are born with a intelligence more developed social life, any of us can perfect it if we pay the necessary attention.  In the end, it’s just a matter of putting these simple habits into practice.

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