7 Simple Tricks To Clean The Most Inaccessible Places In Your House

Keeping the house perfectly clean is sometimes not an easy task. There are areas that are difficult to reach. Thus, cleaning the most inaccessible places can take us precious time that delays us in carrying out other tasks.

However, achieving it is not an impossible mission. We explain some very simple tricks to clean the most inaccessible places in the house. Do not hesitate and take note, they are very effective and will make your job easier.

1. Do a wet cleaning on your walls

Woman cleaning moldy walls

Use the right material and don’t hesitate to clean the walls every two months. To do it correctly, it is best that you choose the right utensils and impregnate them with water, since only then will you be able to really clean.

And, if there is a truly purifying solution, that is water, which is capable of eliminating no less than 90% of the dust. To do this, simply use a damp cloth attached to a stick, which allows cleaning the most inaccessible places due to their height.

2. Clean from top to bottom

When it comes to cleaning, a certain technique is also required and there are methods much more recommended than others. Therefore, it is best to clean in a top-down direction. In this way you will ensure that the dust from one surface does not pass to another place.

In addition, you can prevent the simple act of cleaning from ending up making an endless process. You will achieve results in a faster and more effective way.

3. Beware of filters and vents

Woman cleaning a glass

It is important that these areas are always impeccable. And, otherwise, no matter how much you clean in other areas, your house will never stop having dust, since a large amount accumulates here.

In supermarkets and specialized stores you will get the necessary tools and products to be able to perfectly clean the most delicate and small areas. Use special brushes and specific cleaning supplies, you will remove dirt from the entire surface.

4. Clean your carpets

We have them at our feet, but cleaning them can be very difficult, especially if they have a lot of hair. The most recommended cleaning method is steam. Penetrates the fibers and sanitizes in depth. Do it once a month.

In addition, you will have to vacuum every week : a quick gesture that will take you little time and will prevent them from becoming the perfect place for the proliferation of mites.

In the event that you have to buy your rugs now, or are thinking of changing them, choose models made from fabrics that are not synthetic. These are characterized by attracting less dust.

5. Baby wipes: your great allies

Baby wipes can be a great help when cleaning. They are useful for removing dust from almost any surface. Also to do the same with the percudido in the clothes. They do not stain and the result is more than guaranteed.

In addition, they can also be of great help to clean your computer screen or even lamps. Don’t hesitate and get them if you don’t have them at home yet. As you can see, you will give it a much greater use than you could have thought.

6. The vacuum cleaner to clean the most inaccessible places

The vacuum cleaner is one of the gadgets that can not be missing, even to clean the most inaccessible places. You may think that it is not capable of reaching all the sites, but with this simple trick it will be much easier for it to do so.

Put the cardboard of a toilet paper roll at the end of the tube. Since it can be bent easily, you can insert it into holes and grooves without problems. You see that it is very simple for some of the most inaccessible places, such as vents.

7. Clean your plants

Flowerpots on a piece of furniture

Plants must also be cleaned if we do not want them to become a real nest of dust. Something that would be fatal to our health and, above all, to our respiratory system.

To be able to clean them, spray them with water regularly. And from time to time, clean the leaves very well with a soft brush or even a paintbrush to reach those more hidden corners. In this way your plants will be healthier and your home, cleaner.

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