7 Most Popular Kamasutra Postures

This ancient and famous Hindu book that recounts the sexual behavior of people was written hundreds of years ago and collects, in seven chapters, data on love and intimacy. He is known for teaching through drawings how to have sex in a more pleasant way. Do you want to know which are the most popular Kamasutra postures ?

For some you should have some flexibility, but the truth is that with others anyone can do them without problem. Go ahead and surprise your partner!

What are the most popular Kamasutra postures?

It does not matter if you are just starting in the ‘love games’ or if you have been with the same person for several years; Kamasutra postures can serve to enjoy intimacy in a different and, of course, more pleasant way.

According to the Hindu wisdom collected by various online information sources , making love is ” the art of playing with each other, at the same time that the most sensitive points (own and others) are discovered and extreme pleasure is achieved “. Along these lines, some positions that are worth trying are:

Along these lines, some positions that are worth trying and that are collected within the Kamasutra edition prepared by Alain Danielou are:

1. The spider

This is a challenging position for both of you, although it can be a bit tiring.

To do it, both of you must face each other and sit on the bed. Getting as close as possible, interlocking your legs and placing your arms behind your back for support.

After penetration, it is necessary for both of you to slowly rock back and forth. Once you’ve practiced in ‘quiet mode’, you can increase your speed and climax faster .

2. The waterfall

This is another of the most exciting and famous Kamasutra postures that exist. To practice it, the man must lie on his back; while the woman will be with her back to him: leaning on her elbows, with her legs bent and her feet on her partner’s knees.

Spontaneous sex.

At the same time that he holds her by the waist and penetrates her, she will lean back so that her belly and chest are in contact with her back. The movements have to be slow … And caresses are allowed!

3. The king’s throne, one of the most popular Kamasutra postures

In this position, the man is the one who is in control, but it is said that she is the one who enjoys the most because she can receive G-spot stimulation. To carry it out, he sits on a chair, on the edge of the bed or the sofa (emulating the king’s throne); and she stands on her back.

  • The woman must use her legs to go up and down at a different speed and a certain rhythm.
  • Meanwhile, your partner will take the opportunity to caress you completely.

    4. The lotus flower

    It is one of the most romantic and sensual positions of the Kamasutra because they will be looking into each other’s eyes. Also, skin-to-skin contact is complete.

    To do this, the man sits cross-legged on the bed (in the lotus position, as in meditation) and she sits on top of him; wrapping your legs and arms around it. If you are looking for a position where you can see each other and kiss on the lips, the lotus flower is ideal.

    5. The climber

    This is another pleasant pose for both of you that allows for eye contact, as well as contemplation of the breasts and pecs.

    • She lies on her back and spreads her legs.
    • He gets between his partner’s legs; Supporting yourself with the palms of your hands and the tips of your feet (as if you were about to do push-ups).
    • After penetration, she bends her legs and rests her knees on his thighs.

    6. The starfish

    The starfish is one of the positions that allows more physical contact and pleasure. Although for some it is usually exhausting due to the position of the legs … Try it and you will see that it will have been worth it! Of course, it requires flexibility on the part of both.

    Sex with a former partner.

    It begins with the man sitting with his legs semi-bent. The woman sits on his lap (with her back turned) and allows herself to be penetrated. Then, he brings his body forward and rests his hands on his partner’s legs (at the same time that he bends over to be close to the woman).

    7. The spoon

    The last of the Kamasutra postures on this list is one of the most famous. In fact, it is not only used for sex; but also to sleep cuddled.

    In addition, it is a position also chosen when the woman is pregnant; since the belly is free.

    • Both stand on their sides, the man behind the woman and both with their legs bent.
    • She will bring her thighs back to allow penetration. And he will have to stick well to the back of his partner.
    • A recommendation for this posture: synchronize your breathing and the rhythm of your movements for greater enjoyment.

    Let yourself be carried away by passion to the rhythm of the Kamasutra postures

    When you are making love with the person you love or trust the most, there is no room for taboos and fears. That is why we invite you to open your mind and let yourself be carried away to the rhythm of the most popular positions of the Kamasutra .

    And you? What are you waiting for to surprise your partner tonight?

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