6 Yoga Poses To Tone Buttocks And Legs

Yoga is one of the most complete disciplines that exists when it comes to working the body. It allows toning buttocks and legs, something that is undoubtedly of great interest to many people. In your practice, you can perform various postures that work various muscle areas.

According to experts from the Spanish Federation of Directed Activities and Fitness (FEDA), yoga is a type of physical exercise that allows the entire body to be worked. It also contributes to the development of coordination and flexibility, as well as the improvement of balance and breathing.

The Bikram yoga is one of the forms of discipline that helps improve physical appearance more quickly. The benefits of the poses in this yogic style include developing and strengthening the body. Likewise, seeking harmony in the body is one of the objectives of yoga, through the control of the mind. The asanas or postures provide benefits for every part of the body.

In a position you can work different parts and each one has a level of complexity.

If you want to do a physical activity and have a healthy figure, here we will leave you 6 ideal yoga poses to tone buttocks and legs.

6 yoga poses to tone your buttocks and legs

1. Utkatasana or the chair

The chair is ideal for toning buttocks and legs, as well as working the abdomen and back.

How to do it?

  • The pose begins by placing your legs together at the width of the hips, then you should slowly lower with your arms up. The knees cannot exceed the ankles, to avoid injury.
  • When you go down with your back straight, you will feel tension in your buttocks and legs. This posture is basic to the practice of yoga and will be used in many routines. Making the chair will reduce back pain.

    2. Garurasana or eagle

    The eagle will give mobility to the ankles, knees, wrists, legs and will strengthen the glutes.

    How to do it?

    • This asana consists of placing the legs together and bending the right knee a little. Then we will put the thigh of the left leg on the right.
    • The left leg is curled with the right. Then bend your elbows and bring them to your chest. You will be putting pressure on your legs and glutes.
    • Once the right side is finished, start with the left. This twist can be somewhat complex, but its benefits are multiple and will help you to have control of your body.

    3. Tulandandasana or flying pose

    This pose requires a high level of complexity, but its practice will have excellent results.

    How to do it?

    • It begins by placing the legs at the width of the hips and lowering the trunk towards the forehead.
    • Then rest your arms on the ground and raise your left leg as high as possible.
    • Keep your foot pointed and tighten your abdomen. Then switch legs and raise your right.

    The flying posture will help your glutes work and the muscles of the back and legs will be strengthened.

    4. Trikonasana or triangle

    The triangle is great for strengthening your thighs and back.

    How to do it?

    • Stand with your legs together and then spread them apart and stretch your arms sideways. You should turn your left foot inward and your right foot in front.
    • Then you will lower your hips to the right side holding the ankle on that side.
    • Turn your torso to the right side, raise your head and stretch your left arm, aligning it with your torso.
    • The gaze goes up, and then the posture is undone to make it on the opposite side.

    The triangle allows for equitable development of the legs and will help relieve stress on the back.

    trikonasana to tone buttocks and legs

    5. Vrksasana or tree

    The tree is one of the basic postures of balance, because it will help control the mind and body.

    How to do it?

    • For the tree, place your legs hip-width apart and put your palms together.
    • Then go up the right leg and support it on the left thigh.
    • The leg should be very close to the groin and you must squeeze the abdomen and buttocks to achieve balance.

    You will be supported with one leg while you breathe and maintain stability. The tree will keep you grounded.

    6. Konasana or angular pose

    How to do it?

    • Start by placing your legs together and then open them with your arms outstretched.
    • Bend your torso from the hips and support your body on your right leg. Then stretch your arm over your head.
    • With the angular pose, you will stretch your chest and open your waist. And the legs will feel the stretching work that you will have in the buttocks, ankles and toes during the practice of this pose.

    There are many postures that will help you tone your buttocks and legs, these are just a few. Tell your yoga instructor what others you can practice in what precautionary measures you should take into account so as not to injure yourself.

    Remember to respect your body and not demand more than you can the first time. It is better to go little by little always. 

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