6 Things That Every Dad Does When Taking Care Of The Little Ones

For parents, taking care of their children can become a great adventure to remember in the future. Without the presence of mom, father and son can make a multitude of plans together. Here are some of the things every dad does when caring for little ones.

What are the things that every dad does when he takes care of the little ones?

things that every dad does

1. Break the rules

Mom is usually more strict with the rules, while Dad is easily swayed. For that reason, the first thing every dad does when taking care of his children is to break certain rules.

One of the typical rules that every family usually imposes is not to eat a lot of sweets or fast food. That’s why dad often spoils his little one and buys sweets to see that movie they like so much or orders a pizza to eat something different without dirtying the kitchen so he doesn’t have to pick it up.

2. Watch children’s programs

Every father takes advantage of those afternoons when mother has to go out and he is in charge of the house and the child to be able to take a break and sit with his son to watch television.

Children’s programs are always an entertainment and learning option, as they have quite interesting content and arouse the interest of the little ones.

These precious moments are those that your child will remember, no matter how simple they may seem, because it is not only about watching television, but also about making the child feel accompanied and enthusiastic about his father and the affection that he gives him.

Likewise, according to evidence from this research published in Education Development Center, Inc. , when children watch educational programs on television with their parents, they can retain information more significantly than when they do it alone.

3. Play sports, one of the things that every dad does with his children

things that every dad does

Sports are also some of the things every dad does when he is alone with the kids. Parents often enjoy teaching their children some sports discipline. In addition, sports are an excellent way to spend a quality weekend  with the little ones in the house.

It is completely natural for children to inherit that passion for sports that their parents have. Therefore, doing physical activity with your children will  not only strengthen the relationship between the two of you, but it will also be beneficial for your health.

4. Cook together

Cooking is one of the best things every dad does when caring for children due to the many benefits related to a healthy diet that it brings to children, as this study published in the journal Nutrition Hospital shows .

However, there are some rules that you should follow if you want to go into the kitchen with your child:

  • Everything you use you have to put it back in its place. Do not move the kitchen utensils.
  • The kitchen cannot be dirty ; the best thing to do is to clean as you finish using the utensils.
  • Don’t let the child get too close to the fire.
  • Be careful with sharp and electrical utensils.

It is the perfect time to teach your child to appreciate all the effort that mothers usually make in the kitchen  and why it is important to help her. Prepare with your son a surprise dinner for mom. This is a great strategy for spending time together and also teaching him the importance of teamwork.

5. Make children fly, another of the things that every dad does

For your son, you are his hero and your powers make him incredibly happy. Do not break his illusion and the trust he has in you. He thinks you have super strength, so take it and flip it a couple of times in the air. No matter how old you are, he will not stop being your child and you will be his greatest example.

6. Read stories before bed

things that every dad does

Among the things that every dad does when he is with his children, without a doubt, is the act of reading stories with a funny tone of voice. This is a good strategy for building a reading habit and it pays off hugely.

We know that the routine can be quite hectic. However, this is the right time to remind your child how much you care and that even though you are working, you can spend a few minutes with him .

Before going to sleep, always talk to him and ask him how his day was, read an interesting story and leave him wondering what will happen in the story so that he will want to continue the next day.

In short, remember that being permissive with your child does not mean letting him do what he wants or inciting him to disobey. It is about teaching, educating and pampering him, but always with respect and unconditional love.

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