5 Questions That Will Help You Discover Who You Really Are

Finding out who you are is a life-long task. Many people do not understand the psychological dimensions of this process, but nonetheless, it is an inevitable thing that everyone has to go through.

The search for yourself can be arduous and present inconveniences along the way, but you should not give up. When you really know yourself, when you know what it is you want, a new window will open before you.

You will learn to make better decisions, you will respect your essence and you will not allow anyone to make you feel that you are worthless. Therefore, we are going to help you reveal your nature with the following keys.

5 questions to find out who you are

1. What is the activity that gives you the most joy?

As adults, it’s easy to forget what used to make us happy when we were younger.  However, remembering what made your heart glad will help you discover who you really are. For a moment, stop and think about those situations that filled you with energy .

Try to spend more time on these enriching activities. They will help you grow as a person, encourage your creativity, eliminate stress and enjoy life more.

2. If a relationship or job makes you unhappy, do you stay or leave it?

Some think that leaving a relationship, job, or situation that makes them unhappy is cowardly. Others have learned to let go of those things that hurt them to continue with a lighter, happier and fuller life.

Which of them are you, why do you act that way?  This analysis will help you discover if you are a person who adapts to what life presents, if it gives you afraid face the challenges that fate brings you, or if you prefer to create your own path.

From this question, you will be able to understand some of the guilt, fear and exhaustion that destroy you every day. . Remember that finding balance is vital to having a happy existence.

This means that sometimes it is good to let things go when they hurt you, knowing, however, that at other times you will have to face them.

3. What do you think are your limits?

discover who you are: limits

Many times we do not do what we want out of fear.  Don’t you dare to try different things? What if you try to go further?

On many occasions, the limits that hold us back are more mental than real, and understanding them will help you discover who you really are. The origin of these walls is very different for each one, but you don’t owe yourself feel guilty thus.

When you analyze these obstacles, do it objectively: identify where the idea that paralyzes you comes from. Is there a way to overcome that wall?  Most of the time they are not definitive limits, but many of them will require great courage to leave them behind.

4. What are you most proud of in life?

You are a unique and individual person, so you must have something in your life that makes you feel proud, regardless of what others think.

Surely you stand out in some type of discipline, or that you have a very good eye with certain subjects.  Determine what you do best and why it makes you so happy.

Think about the people you share your time with when doing these activities and what emotions it generates in you.

5. How is your scale of values ​​defined?

We all have a scale of values ​​that defines the ethics with which we move in life . This is determined by various aspects:

  • The values ​​of your family.
  • Those of the friends and the people around you.
  • Those that govern the environment in which you operate.
  • Your experiences and your vision of life.

Who you really are is defined by these values. They are much stronger than your fears, your wishes and your experiences. Therefore, it is very important that you have them very clear.  In this way, you will be more aware of the reasons for your behavior.

Mistakes make you grow as a person

After asking yourself these questions, you may have realized that you don’t like yourself at all. This is a mistake. If you think that your behavior is not appropriate or that you are not being true to yourself, you can change. You are in your right.

Errors and mistakes are necessary. The only way to learn what it is you want in life is through past experiences that have taught you to act accordingly. Be guided by your instincts.

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