5 Essential Things In A Yoga Class

Yoga involves discipline and constant practice of the postures. To improve, you can use some essential things in a yoga class so that the training is carried out efficiently.

These objects will help develop skills such as flexibility, endurance, and correct execution of postures. The yogi will be able to use them according to the type of yoga that is practiced and the level of skills developed.

If you are a beginner in the practice of yoga, to perform the postures and apply the correct technique, these things will help you improve every day. Yoga studios can use these implements to give the yogi the necessary tools.

By enrolling in a studio where the discipline is practiced, you will find 5 essential things in a yoga class that will help you develop skills and techniques in the postures.

1. Essentials in yoga class: Mat or mat

Of the essential things in a yoga class, the mat is the most important. It is on him that most of the postures are performed. You will place your body on the mat and lie down when meditating. The mat is your personal space in yoga and we recommend having one of your own.

Thus, studies must have several of them in case some students need it. If you are going to use a study mat, it is recommended to bring a towel for practice and clean it at the end of the class.

  • The life of a mat can be extended to 3 years if it is good and receives the necessary care. Make a good investment by buying a good quality mat.
  • The material must be non-slip so that it has a good grip and preferably with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. It should not be too thick or too soft to allow stability in all positions.

Discipline that allows concentration and gives flexibility and strength to the body

2. Ropes or straps

Ropes or straps are used to facilitate stretching and adapt some postures. They are of great help for beginners or for those who are starting in more difficult positions. In Iyengar yoga , where they focus a lot on correct technique, they tend to use this element frequently.

  • The most common postures in which they use yoga ropes are those that require stretching of the lower limbs.
  • The strings are made of soft and flexible but very strong cotton. Nylon is also a good material because it is very strong.

3. Blocks

They are blocks of foam rubber, cork or wood that allow you to adjust the postures and make them easier, in addition to achieving better support. They are used as an extension of the hands when the student cannot touch the floor in the standing postures that require doing so.

They are also of great help in positions in which the chest is opened and for people who have been injured or have physical limitations. Thanks to the use of the blocks you will be able to avoid injuries or that these are complicated in your training.

4. Cushion for meditation

It is commonly used in meditation when doing the lotus position. It is a frequent element in the practice of Raja yoga , where meditation predominates. Like the mat, it is recommended that the meditation cushion be a personal space and a fundamental element of each yogi.

It is used to maintain a good posture when meditating, which will avoid discomfort in the back, legs, shoulders, hips and neck.

Using a cushion raises the pelvis so that the hips are at the level of the knees: This will allow you to maintain the posture for longer without feeling cramps.

There are several types of cushions adapted to certain postures to be performed and to the anatomical characteristics of yogis. They can be round, square, oval, or crescent-shaped.

essential things in a yoga class

5. Foam roller

The foam roller is a soft implement used to warm up the muscles before starting practice or to release tension at the end of the class. It also serves to massage the back and stretch the muscles in depth.

Using the foam roller is simple because it only requires the person to carefully roll on it with the part of the body they want to work on.

In yoga practice, these instruments will help you improve your postures every day. Focus on practicing daily, and using these must-haves in a yoga class, you will notice a big change. Go ahead and make yoga a way of life!

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