4 Tricks To Take Care Of Tired Eyes

Taking care of your eyes is a responsibility that you should keep in mind every day, since some habits can harm your health.

Taking care of tired eyes is a must. Especially in these moments when, surrounded by technology, they spend hours with a screen in front of them.

Research published in 2014 in the Annals of Medicine and Research in Health Sciences has shown that students with an average age between 20-24 years are more likely to have vision problems related to technological devices. For this reason, we are going to teach you some tricks to take care of tired eyes as they deserve.

Tricks to take care of tired eyes

Tomorrow, your sight and eye health will thank you for taking into account some keys to keep them in perfect condition. In this way, as the years go by, you can enjoy beautiful and healthy eyes. Aim!

1. Beware of the lights off

It is difficult for you to read a book in the dark, if not impossible. However, the information from the computer or mobile is easy to view with the light off; since these devices have their own lighting.

The truth is that, although you are able to see in the dark, it is not positive that you carry out this as a habit. In fact, it is convenient to turn on the lights if you are going to spend a lot of time with your mobile or computer.

Researchers from the University of the Pacific (United States) have focused on rescuing information about the symptoms of what they have called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). That is, if you’ve ever been in this situation, you may have noticed that your eyelids were itchy or that when you looked away from the screen, they hurt a little.

In some cases, dark circles or red eyes may even appear. This means that you need more light. And is that when you see the mobile in the dark, for example, the eyes have to focus much more; concentrating your gaze on that point of clarity. A gesture that, in the long run, will only be detrimental.

2. Rest your eyes

If you work in front of the computer or are doing work on it; you have to rest your eyes. The same if you are with the tablet or mobile. And, to achieve this, it is good to follow the following recommendations :

  • Use the pomodoro method and rest, after 25 minutes, 5 minutes from the screen.
  • Spend an hour and a half in front of the device and then rest.
  • Do exercises with your eyes. For example, look to one side or the other.
  • Take the opportunity to blink and lubricate them, or where appropriate use a prescription eye drops.

Following these tips is vital; Since to take care of tired eyes it is necessary that you give them a break. This way, if they are working for hours; resting them will also allow for better performance.

3. Adjust the brightness of the screens

To take care of tired eyes, a good measure is to make use of what is known as a night light. The configuration of this light is present in almost all technological devices; both on tablets, mobile phones and computers.

As a research carried out in 2013 indicates, these devices emit a blue light that causes dry eyes, fatigue, watery eyes and a series of other problems. Therefore, it is best to configure the screens so that, at a certain time, they change that lighting to orange or yellow.

Man looking at mobile

This light helps create a restful environment and prepares you for better sleep. And it is that an investigation developed in 2013 While blue light, this other does the opposite. Being, in this way, more respectful with the eyes.

In fact, you can check this if you wake up early and the night light is still active on your mobile. If the blue light was there, it would cost more to see the screen at first and it would end up dazzling you. But with the night light, this does not happen.

4. Take care of tired eyes: better natural light

To take care of tired eyes it is preferable to use natural light ; since artificial light can tire them even more. In this line, it should be said that it is not advisable to expose yourself to fluorescent light for a long time.

So, during the day, try to be in places where you dispense with artificial light and can use natural light. Having a more open space in the house, for example, the living room instead of a small room, will do.

The benefits of caring for your eyes properly

And you? What methods do you use to take care of your eyes when they are tired? Think that, if you work in front of a screen, it would be positive for you to start putting into practice the measures we have talked about in order to avoid future complications.

As you have read, it is good to use other methods; like night light or screen savers. And, although it may not seem important to you, in time your eyes will appreciate it. You will have fewer problems in the future, if you are nearsighted or farsighted you will not favor their development and, ultimately, you will enjoy better eye health.

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