4 Peel-off Masks With Gelatin To Revitalize The Skin

Do you like jelly? It is very likely that the answer is yes, because its flavor and texture are really delicious. However, that’s not all, as your skin can also benefit. Therefore, this time we have listed some peel-off masks made with gelatin.

Try them once, you are sure to love the result and become fond of them. The best is that they are extremely inexpensive, easy to prepare and apply .

What is gelatin?

Before you start preparing any of these gelatin peel-off masks, you will surely want to know some good reasons to use them on your face.

The first thing you should know is that gelatin is a compound made up of amino acids derived from collagen . Yes, just that element that is present in many of the most expensive creams you buy to look better. 

The two amino acids that compose it, in greater quantity, are glycine and proline. Both are derived from bones, cartilage, and other similar organs of animals.  These amino acids are essential for smooth skin and promoting hair and nail growth. As if that’s not enough, they also improve immunity and regulate body weight.

However, we must indicate that the topical application does not have as many benefits as the oral consumption of collagen.

What product to use for these gelatin peel-off masks?

What product to use for these gelatin peel-off masks

A common question when talking about these peel-off masks is whether any commercial gelatin can be used.  The answer is no. The only gelatin that you should use for these recipes is the one that does not bring flavor, called gelatin . It is quite inexpensive and you can buy it in small, very thin sheets or in powder form.

Try both if you’ve never used them before and find the one that’s easier for you to manipulate.

1. Peel-off mask of gelatin with kiwi and papaya

Do you need your skin to look smoother and free of visible dead cells? So, try this option. When you remove the mask, you can see how it takes all those small scales that dull the face.


  • 2 tablespoons of gelatin
  • ½ glass of papaya juice
  • ½ glass of juice Kiwi


  • First, mix the juices and add the gelatin little by little.
  • Then, bring the three ingredients to high heat and stir constantly to integrate everything.
  • Once all three ingredients are well mixed, remove from heat and refrigerate for 15 minutes or until gelatin is slightly firm but still runny.
  • Next, apply the mask to your freshly washed face and let it dry completely.
  • Then begin to remove the mask from the chin to the forehead.
  • Finally, wash your face with cold water to remove any residue.

Papaya and kiwi juice are rich in enzymes and vitamin C. This makes them ideal for brightening your skin while the gelatin removes impurities. Apply this mask once a week.

2. Cucumber, lemon and jelly peel-off mask

Cucumber, lemon and jelly peel-off mask

Besides showing off a face with dead cells, do you have acne and blemishes? In that case we recommend this mask. The acidity of the lemon will facilitate the elimination of the deepest impurities, while the cucumber hydrates the skin.


  • 2 tablespoons of gelatin powder
  • 1 small cucumber
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice


  • First, peel the cucumber and cut it into pieces.
  • Then, blend the lemon juice and the cucumber.
  • In a small pot, empty the juice and put it over low heat.
  • Then add the gelatin and stir constantly until you get a thick texture.
  • Then, remove from the heat and let it cool enough to be able to apply it easily.
  • Then let it sit on the skin until it dries completely.
  • Then, remove the mask starting from the chin and wash with cold water.
  • Finally, apply your favorite moisturizer.

It is important that in the days following the application of this mask you avoid constant exposure to the sun.

3. Milk and jelly mask

The next gelatin peel-off mask works very well to remove  black spots .


  • 1 tablespoon of gelatin
  • 1 tablespoon of milk


  • First, mix the gelatin with the milk until completely dissolved.
  • Next, take the combination to the microwave and heat for 5 seconds.
  • Then, let it cool a bit and apply to the “T” area or where you have the problem of blackheads.
  • Then, let the mask dry before loosening, starting at the chin.
  • Finally, wash your face with cold water and repeat once a week.

4. Mask with aloe vera and green tea

Apply aloe vera

The fourth of the peel-off gelatin masks is ultra refreshing and hydrating. We recommend it if you have been burned in the sun and your skin is suffering the consequences .


  • 3 tablespoons of gelatin
  • 2 tablespoons of gel aloe vera
  • ¼ cup green tea


  • First, while the green tea is still hot, add the gelatin and aloe vera.
  • Afterwards, stir the mixture very well until it has a paste-like consistency.
  • Then, when the paste is warm, apply to your face and let it dry completely.
  • Finally, remove the mask and remove any residue with cold water without scrubbing the skin.

If the burn is too severe, you can apply a little aloe vera gel after the mask. This will help reduce discomfort more quickly.

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