10 Things You Should Avoid Doing After Meals

There are certain habits that can hinder the digestion process. For example, contrary to popular belief, drinking an infusion right after eating is likely to increase heartburn.

Many people have certain habits after meals that can make digestion difficult. And it is common for some foods to cause indigestion, gastric reflux and other annoying symptoms that interrupt a good day.

However, what many do not know is that, in general, all this has some kind of relationship with the habits that are practiced after eating. Taking into account that some still ignore it and do not stop doing them, below, we reveal those 10 things that it is better to avoid so as not to suffer annoying sensations after eating food.

10 bad habits to avoid after meals

Do you regularly feel discomfort after eating? If the answer is positive, it is best to review what you are doing after feeding. Maybe you wear clothes that are too tight or do some physical activity. Find out right away the practices to avoid.

1. Sleep immediately after meals

To sleep

Deciding to nap or sleep after eating is a bad idea, especially if the food was too heavy. The seriousness is that, when lying down, digestive juices move away from the stomach and lead to intestinal discomfort. 

According to a publication from the Mayo Clinic, the best thing in this case is to wait three hours to go to bed. In addition, if you suffer from gastric reflux, once lying down, you can try to raise the head of the bed or insert something between the mattress and the base that serves for this purpose. Remember that the body must be lifted from the waist up.

2. Take a shower

According to an article in Ekachai Hospital , it is best to wait a prudent time before showering. By doing it right after eating, the body cools down. This causes an increase in blood flow and decreases the amount of blood around the stomach, which can cause disturbances in the digestive process.

3. Smoking

Nowadays, all people know that daily cigarette consumption has negative effects on health and that this translates into diseases in the medium and long term. However, many smokers have this habit right after meals.

In addition to contributing to the development of gallstones and diseases in the colon, research from Rochester University Medical Center indicates that smoking can cause stomach acid to back up into the esophagus, leading to bothersome heartburn.

4. Drink infusions or tea


It is said that the consumption of beverages, such as infusions or tea, can have a negative effect on the body by preventing the adequate absorption of iron. In addition, tea leaves, being acidic, would be detrimental to a good digestive process.

5. Wearing clothes that are too tight

Tightening the belt of the pants or wearing a garment that is too tight could also cause problems at the intestinal level. Have you ever had to unbutton your pants after a meal? As you do so, the stomach muscles relax. This, in addition to making you feel more comfortable, helps to avoid gastric reflux or heartburn.

6. Swim

This is one of the most common recommendations that parents often give their children. But do you know why you have to wait? According to information from the American Association of Retired Persons , this is because after eating meals, more blood is required in the gastrointestinal tract to aid digestion. 

In this way, swimming after eating puts the body’s digestive organs and muscles in competition for blood flow. However, if the diet and activity are moderate there should be no problem.

7. Walk


Walking is a good exercise to increase energy expenditure and activate the body. However, doing it after eating can lead to acid reflux or an upset stomach in some people. This is indicated by a study published in the Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition .

This appears to happen when recently eaten food moves through the stomach, affecting the digestion process. To avoid this unwanted effect, it is appropriate to wait at least 30 to 40 minutes after each meal.

8. Eat fruits

Although eating fruits after meals has not been proven to pose a problem for digestion, an article by Milan Humanitas University points out that it is best to eat them before main meals, as the fiber they contain helps reduce sugar absorption simple.

9. Drink cold water

It is often said that drinking cold water with meals or immediately after is not a good choice. In popular culture, it is said that it can change the state of food and prevent it from being properly absorbed and classified when it reaches the intestine. However, there are no scientific studies to support this information.

10. Dancing

Although it is rare to dance after eating food, this can happen, for example, at a party. The downside is that movements cause difficulties at the digestive level and can cause gas, inflammation, and nutrient absorption problems.

Can you identify any? It is very likely that they are the cause of those stomach symptoms that frequently afflict your body. From now on, try to do everything possible to avoid them and not take the risks they entail. Dare to change some habits to take care of your health!

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